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MKBHD - Do Bad Reviews Kill Companies?
  • There are a lot of reasons in here about how bad reviews kill products, but I didn't see mentioned how exceptional a product has to be to garner GOOD reviews. A business will get to the point of almost harassing you to leave a good review. In my experience people leave reviews when they are unhappy, and say nothing when they are satisfied.

    An example of this was Teenage Engineering K.O. II EP-133 sampler. A bunch got released with broken fader knobs and the wave of bad reviews and complaints flooded in, drowning out the actual pros and cons of the device. T.E. isn't exactly floundering from it, but in another circumstance that could have killed the product (which I find to be phenomenal).

  • There is zero need for millions of office drones to be on the road daily.
  • Don't get me wrong I have certainly had my fair share of bad work interactions but most were benign and some became friends. Although I'm not advocating for the office, I just think people like me wouldn't do very well without other changes, and I think there are more people who don't know how to make adult friends than we think. I'm not even an introvert, I just don't go to any place often enough to make friends from it

  • There is zero need for millions of office drones to be on the road daily.
  • Most of the social gatherings I've been to have been set up with coworkers. Maybe I was conditioned by the American education system but I don't think I've ever made a friend outside of a place that we both were expected to go to consistently. I'm not very familiar with constructs outside of that if I'm honest.

  • There is zero need for millions of office drones to be on the road daily.
  • I worry that the widespread acceptance of work from home without any other societal changes will increase the level of loneliness. It's a solution that has to come packaged with other quality of life enhancements or social trust is going into an even faster free fall. I wonder what a wfh/social solution would look like.

    Edit: I'm not advocating for the office, I just think people like me wouldn't do very well without other changes, and I think there are more people who don't know how to make adult friends than we think. I'm not even an introvert, I just don't go to any place often enough to make friends from it.

  • Anon has a power fantasy
  • I think those other guys have it all wrong. You shouldn't feel pressured to ditch a reliable machine for something that is still being tested. You may want to consider encouraging younger people to invest in those things because commercially valued electric vehicles are really only just hitting their stride. 15 years from now is when people will say "I bought my electric car for 30,000 usd, that's right, not credits!"

    There are much bigger threats to the environment than people driving cars right now, that are simple to solve (but not easy). However, be careful about singing thr praises of the old because others become too wary of the new.

  • there's a reason it's "hard out there" you know
  • As a guy who luckily only had to deal with the shitty realm of PUA in the early 2000s, I will say that typically it's not a bike crash that gets you in the road. It's more like you stumble across some con man who says he can "pick up any girl he wants and he'll show you how!" So being a young impressionable male you try the advice and it usually doesn't work. That leads (me at least) down the path of misogyny and "nice-guy ness" (I'm very sorry, I'm better now), and bada boom you've got yourself a roganite.

  • [GENERAL] John Flansburgh is a superior musician to John Linnell
  • First, I'm just happy that there is a TMBG topic. Nobody ever talks about them and I like them a lot.

    Second, John F writes love songs and I'm into it. I'm pretty sure "She's an Angel" is his "Twisting" is great. With that said John L. Just has really good weird sounds that are pop enough to be palatable. Songs like "you're on fire", "dr. Worm", and I'm pretty sure "the lady and the tiger" is his. To say who's better is like comparing radio head to the talking heads, they just make different stuff.

    Last, thanks for this. I really like tmbg and don't really get to talk about them with anyone

  • Drink up
  • So as someone who doesn't get thirsty and actively has to be reminded to drink water, here's my theory.

    1. The temperature of the water matters just enough that it changes if I want to drink it, but not so much that I'm willing to make a specific temperature of water. E.g. cold drink on a cold day? No thanks, but I'm not heating up some water for a glass that's right.
    2. I eat a lot of juicy foods like fruit and some meats. Even some foods with sauces. I eat a good amount of my hydration
    3. Water doesn't taste good and has a distinct lack of texture that I just don't jive with
    4. I HATE having to go pee too often. If I could never go to the bathroom that is what I would choose. So I may have unintentionally found a rhythm that keeps me relatively hydrated (I don't get thirsty and my lips aren't usually dry or anything).

    That said, I have recently started making fruit juice that is like 80% water and 20% whole fruit and its helped my bowel movements a lot.

  • Playing Online

    I've never played any ttrpg online before and I'm wondering how to set it up. It's not the tech I dont get, it's the people. It seems the scene for online OSR play is pretty dead.

    How to I join or start a solid online group?

    Young adults are getting used to living on a financial cliff
  • I got some advice and I'm still living it so I can't say if it's worth it but:

    "Spend money on the things you enjoy and cut everything else to the bare minimum"

    So if you like having a nice house more than going to a sporting event you shouldn't be budgeting for the sporting event. Just don't go. If you love great food but hate driving, buy kitchen accessories not dinners. That sort of thing.

    I'm not explaining it as well though

  • What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?
  • To each their own but ideally so that you don't have to drive everywhere. So that meeting your neighbors isn't so rare, and you can build community trust. So that you don't have to buy everything in big huge amounts so you don't have to make a big trip. So that the young and the elderly can get around without assistance or endangering others. So that common areas can grow and give your community a unique identity.

    Basically less cars/road infrastructure and building community trust. Though, and you'll probably mention it, it would take way more than a walkable neighborhood to fix these things. I mean if you don't even want to know your neighbors this would be hell for you. While I appreciate the idea of communal spaces, there is a lot to be said for independent space as well.

  • How did you lose weight?
  • I added more fiber and water to my diet. It keeps you full.

    I got a vitamix and I regularly blend two stone fruit or fibrous fruit (oranges and such) with a bunch of water. I drink it all the time because I love fruit juice. It is less.. vibrant than store juice but it tastes more natural and you get all the fiber and water. DO NOT STRAIN IT. If it's too pulpy add more water, or add less fruit.

    Find the nearest store or hangout to your house. Walk/Bike/Jog there every day. You don't have to buy anything. It helps to become a regular because you can make new friends as well.

  • We don't earn it.
  • I'm glad you said it, I read this and it bothered me. What about "steal a living" or "hunt a living" or "create a living". I think the missing word is "for" you do these things "for a living", that is to say, to get the resources you need to remain alive.

    That said, I do get the message. The idea of living in a world so abundant but unfair that you live or die by what you can produce for someone else is pretty wrong

  • Please don't make me google where your application saves things by default
  • I'm not qualified in any feasible way to talk about this...but

    Maybe it has to do with how individual developers make their games. Like if every game defaults screenshots to somewhere different it is difficult for steam to properly identify and place the file?