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What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • Is there a work around? I feel like every time I figure out how to keep it from uploading and just save locally, it resets the next time I boot up. I've been using word because the transcribe feature is very helpful for navigating uni with my disabilities

  • You may not know,
  • I had to take prednisone for twelve days. On the first day I took it with my Vyvanse and ended up struggling with really bad anxiety all day. I barely felt like I could breathe. So I spent the rest of the days off my Vyvanse and now I'm terribly far behind on everything xD

  • Get fucked Two Scoops. Those gag order violations can come back to bite you.
  • Cannon isn't the judge on this case, it's Juan Merchan. I can see her going light on Trump, if that case ever makes it to trial. But it's been pretty clear that Merchan is not a fan of Trump and his lawyers playing games

  • Ant smell
  • The weirdest thing happened when I was recovering from covid. I couldn't really taste much, but cilantro suddenly had a perfume-like scent. It eventually went back to normal after I recovered, but I definitely have a healthy level of sympathy for people who taste soapy cilantro now

  • Scientists Pinpoint Main Cause of Sensory Hypersensitivity in Autism
  • I guess my confusion with that lies with an additional diagnosis I have: AvPD. Treatment for the pd has been hugely beneficial for me, where I don't think treating social issues in autism can/should be beneficial or necessary. I'm not disagreeing with your take, I think similar brain structures can have similar symptoms. I just would hate to put anyone with autism through the therapy I have solely because it helped me navigate the world better.

    If I had been diagnosed with autism, I would never gone through this treatment. I guess, as my therapist puts it "we don't want to change autism" where the world does want to change personality disorders

  • Republicans enraged by Biden’s efforts to keep gas prices lower
  • Hm, there's no public charging within 100 miles of me. But there is within what I assume is max range at Montana winter temperatures (~150 miles?) .

    Thank you for posting this. I'm absolutely not in the position to buy a new car right now. But, it doesn't seem like traveling across the state would be very difficult if I did purchase an EV. (I have to drive up to five hours one way for certain medical care)

  • How do you find love in a rural area?

    I had used the Ace Date Space discord with limited success, but now that it's dissolved I don't know where to look.