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Weekly Discussion: 1 July 2024
  • Housing is overvalued compared to renting in most places and is on a modest decline. It's hard to predict where it'll go, but a wait and see approach is probably best depending on your local market.

  • Weekly Discussion: 6 May 2024
  • Those who finally exited the grind after the vicious one-more-year cycle, what was the trigger? Do you regret your decision? Do you feel like you have enough? Are you spending your time the way you thought you would?

  • Sleep paralysis reading
  • I used to laugh at superstitious beliefs. While I understand that sleep paralysis is a natural phenomenon, it is SO REAL in a way that is horrible to confront while it's happening, and certainly after it you don't have an explanation for it. An uneducated sufferer might rationally come to the conclusion that evil spirits do exist.

  • When will the floss stop hurting
  • This will tend to happen if you're snapping the floss in between each tooth. Use a gentle back and forth motion to slip it between teeth, and slide it against the side of each tooth gently. If it hurts, you're probably being too rough. Also maybe start with once per day, in the evening.