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I guess that yellow part is where 'destroy your furniture' is located.
  • I’d say my cats look more like the top with “claw” instead of dig and the loyalty/protect family is still there but it’s the “I can punch my brother but no one else can” version. Never had a cat that plays fetch before so play is definitely in there.

  • Does anything truly get better than moving soldiers around on a little map?
  • I have Factorio and Stellaris in my steam wish list but every time a sale comes up I’m still laying plans for a reactor building or organ “donation” center in Rimworld and realize if I buy more of these I’ll just never sleep or eat again.

  • Might as well be wearing a neon sign
  • 16 is maybe too young but 18 I’d agree with, along with ranked choice and abolishing the electoral college. Military I’d say should be at least a couple years off, if you sign up at 18 you do college classes and Conservation Corps work for a bit. I walked in actually wanting to join the family business and still got constant hounding from recruiters as a 17 year old, we should not be sending them to high schools.

  • Fuck oil.
  • Back in the 1890s scientists discovered some rocks were extra spicy and the energy inside could power everything, everywhere, forever. The last 100+ years have been a concerted effort all across the globe to ignore that in favor of invasive and destructive drilling, clouds of smog in our cities and massive spills of toxic black sludge for our seafood to swim in. We are not a wise species.