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It seems like an inefficient setup
  • I remember being 5yo and asking my mom while police cars could drive through red lights with no lights on, while we had to wait.

    At least there is a legitimate reasoning for your question.

  • Pronouns
  • um. the University he worked for was trying to force him. The COUNTRY he lives in is trying to force him. Why use him as an example if you're not familiar with what the whole problem was/is?

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • I live a life that doesn't involve being on the internet, checking my comments every single day. Often go days or weeks without checking. What brings you back day after day?

    Regardless, you're not seeming to argue in good faith. I'm not saying it's all of one group or the other. In no way did I insinuate ALL lazy and entitled people are left leaning, but that it's usually the ones that ARE left leaning that think they deserve everything without working for it. No where did I insinuate that ALL left leaning people are this way as well. You obviously don't understand nuance, so I'll just leave it here.

  • How would you run a 'swarm'?

    I've been DMing a small group of new players. They've been literally "hit or miss" with combat. I know at least one is getting frustrated with combat because he can't roll to save his life. I'm planning on throwing a swarm of small creatures at them next session. goblins, spiders, whatever. just small easily killed, easily hit creatures. Thing is I don't want to do 'initiative' per se as I'm considering having a ton of these things. Anyone have any pointers?