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How the hell should I even switch mail providers?
  • I hate it too, I need it and hate it. But it is the standard and honestly if we all switched to whatever else, we would hate that too. The mechanism isn't the problem, imo, it's the requirement of maintenance and monitoring.

  • Here’s what we’re working on in Firefox | The Mozilla Blog
  • It says nothing about spyware, the article isn't hyped up at all, and describes a token to track installations vs downloads.

    "This data will allow us to correlate telemetry IDs with download tokens and Google Analytics IDs. This will allow us to track which installs result from which downloads to determine the answers to questions like, "Why do we see so many installs per day, but not that many downloads per day?"

    Also there is an opt-out during installation.

    I don't even use Firefox, and I honestly am not attacking but your comment seemed very hyperbolic and with little detail.

    You're right that it's good to be aware of this stuff, I also don't see this being a road block for the average user.

  • Finally, 3.5 Years After Launch, No One Is Working on Cyberpunk 2077 at CD Projekt
  • Sorry I wasn't clear.

    Fallout 4 is beloved and buggy as hell. Cyberpunk was buggy, and still has bugs but is completely playable over and over again and with my hundreds of hours, I haven't run into any game killing glitches.

  • Finally, 3.5 Years After Launch, No One Is Working on Cyberpunk 2077 at CD Projekt
  • Been playing on and off for years (beat it every way, every ending, 100% most of everything).

    It's less glitchy than fallout 4. Even if there are bugs, they are not game ending or even that difficult to move on.

    The game, the dlc, the paid dlc.... I thought all of it was incredible and I had an absolutely amazing time playing. I think I'm around 800 hours, but a few hundred were on stadia.

    Anyway, if you're having issues, delete it all, try again and give it a shot. The difference between release and now is large.

  • Who else played this game back in the days?
  • Same!!! We stayed up all night playing this game non-stop over the summer in Sega. We would play Mario Cart until our fingers hurt and then switch to Sega and chill for the rest of the night.

  • What good/positive habits have you taken away from your time in Covid lockdown and kept up since then?
  • I do not still wear a mask, but I really loved having my face covered when I went places during covid. I just felt free. I don't know why as I don't have a problem going anywhere or doing anything normally, but covering my face felt good (except on 100 degree days in summer).

  • I don't understand Temu.
  • Temu is different because they allow a seller to say I'll make plastic dog shit toys by November 1. So it goes on sale in September and 100, 000 people order it. Now the company makes a single batch and knows exactly how many to make and what materials to buy. It's smart. That's why they want your friends involved because it lowers the price more to make more at once.

    I'm not defending the company but it is a smart way and less costly and wasteful than making 100, 000 dog shit toys and selling 10, throwing the other 999,990 in the local river and writing it off on taxes.

  • Proton Pass open source password manager is now available on F-Droid
  • I don't think protonpass has auto fill even on browser extension.

    Or maybe I'm too stupid to figure it out. I ran side by side against bitwarden which I love. Could not figure out a way that didn't make me manually c/p the creds.

  • What are everyone's thoughts on the Amazon series?
  • I'm a fan, just finished it and I've only played New Vegas and FO4.

    I honestly just want to watch a good show with an engaging story and themed in a way that matches. Does it fit every bit of lore every created since 1997? I have no fucking idea because I don't study it like a college course. It's fine for those who do but I believe the majority are not trying to find faults in every sentence the actors speak.

    I liked it, entertaining, exciting, good character motivation, I can't think of any stupid decisions only to move the plot forward, set design is fantastic, world build is fun. Overall I recommend it.

  • Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?
  • I use Android, so Fedilab was the app I'm using.

    I didn't want my feed to be an endless stream of news or other languages. So first I joined a smaller server, with a topic I care about.

    Then I followed a few journalists, and followed tags I care about like cycling, my hometown, tech news relevant to me, and TV shows.

    Lastly after I had that base of content... I went looking for people. When someone posts something I like, I check their other posts... do I like those too? If he's then I look at who they follow. Big accounts usually don't follow a lot of others. This is endless but really gave me a consistent group of people who I care what they think and say.

    Not easy but worth the time over the course of a week or two.

    Also I watched the #followfriday tag where people lost accounts they follow and why.

    Also, look at the top accounts lists that exist. Threads accounts have millions of followers so it's a good bet it'll be good.

  • Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?
  • I agree and started putting effort into Mastodon. It took a week or two of filtering and browsing to find users and content but I've definitely found a more engaging base of content to interact with that is nice.

    I was an engaged redditor who switched 100% to Lemmy and I do not feel quite satisfied with the comments and content.

    I'll stick around, but I find myself on Mastodon and using Ground News more often.

    Btw I have comments in my history of how frustrated I was about finding content on Mastodon, but suddenly it clicked after I spent a bunch of time on it. Not a raving endorsement but ultimately I do enjoy it.

    Another side note, I was looking for some top users to follow and some have 10k followers, cool. Then I find some federated threads accounts with millions and realize how small we are in comparison. I know why, and I understand it, but it's truth that small user bases have less ideas.

  • TIL about exploding head syndrome, which causes patients to hear a loud, frightening noise when falling asleep or waking up. Up to 10% of people may have it, but cases often go undiagnosed
  • I hear a loud bang as if from another room. Like a trash can falling over, or a someone dropping a bag with about 10lbs on a hardwood floor, or a pushing a wooden chair into a dining table too hard. It's enough to think "what just fell?!".

    It does not sound like a door closing, or stomping, or something fragile moving or falling.

    I startle awake, realize I'm the only one awake, and that there aren't anymore sounds so it must have been my brain and I pass out fully.

    It's pretty strange and I think it's funny how I never really thought about it until now.

  • [Poster] New poster for Furiosa
  • I understand your point and this poster didn't excite me either, but Fury road had two famous people in it as well and I consider it iconic.

    It may be just a copy cat movie.... Or it may pull a performance from them both that surprises us.

    I honestly just don't know what to expect from either actor.

  • How does the day-to-day work of not wearing shoes in the house?
  • I have dogs and for the last ten years or so, owned indoor sneakers. I do not like slippers or sandals so I buy some running shoes or something, cheap ones, on sale. They last forever because it's indoor only. I replace them when they get smelly.

    I do not wear shoes that have been outside, in my place.

    Works for me!