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Planned Phase-outs of Gasoline/Diesel Cars
  • Even if bans like this pass it will take several decades after those bans for ICE vehicles to actually disappear. The vast majority of cars sold here are used and buying one that's 2 decades old is not uncommon. Until battery replacements become affordable the people who are buying used aren't going to use EVs because those replacements cost more than a used ICE car.

  • Diesel-smelling
  • He's right about electric cars not solving anything but wrong about politics not solving it. Science has already provided the solutions like over a decade ago but no one is willing to implement it.

  • The Air BnB market is very competitive
  • Quality is actually not bad. Like yea, they usually don't have modern wiring but since the construction materials used are insanely durable and thick renovating those buildings with new windows, heating, pipes and wires gets you like the best possible apartment. You will never hear your neighbours, winters are warm with minimal heating and that building will last for like centuries with minimal maintenance.

    Source: Lived in one and renovated it too.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • Yea, industrialization improved things in like every country that did it but saying the USSR was not imperialist is wild to me. Resources from the annexed territories were being shipped to Russia on a regular basis, literally one of the reasons that made the Holodomor so deadly in Ukraine while Russia itself was mostly spared. Smuggling was insanely common here in the Baltics to ensure the locals could keep what they make and not suffer from famines as well.

  • Capitalism and fascism
  • 1924 is when Stalin took power, not when the USSR was founded. Put I guess it's true that he improved the situation in Russia with imperialism to it's neighbors so technically for Russia itself it was a pretty good ride still.

  • Donald Trump rally shooting being probed as assassination attempt: AP sources
  • I'm not so sure it would. Like, yea, the US has enough military to take on like the other top 5 militaries in the world and win but NATO doesn't really need that. It's mostly about defence and the only country currently invading countries in Europe is Russia which can't seem to beat Ukraine alone. The biggest issue if the US pulls out is supporting Ukraine but defensively NATO is fine without the US I think.

  • Donald Trump rally shooting being probed as assassination attempt: AP sources
  • Not really, NATO as an organizational is made of of the military and equipment of all members. Also NATO and US bases are different, if the US pulls out it's not taking NATO bases with it. Also I'm pretty sure the US doesn't use NATO bases for its military operations but their own bases but I'm too lazy to look that up. Also also NATO countries defence strategy has been more like "If you attack one member you attack everyone" so no one really has.

  • Is the U.S. a Police State?
  • Jaywalking is another thing I first heard of like a month or so ago that sounds both ridiculous as a law and as a word.

    Don't the US have a range that your speed can be in? Like here you can be a bit over that's within the margin of error of your speedometer (Can't remember how much exactly since I haven't driven a car in like 2 decades)

  • How do you install mods for Skyrim Special Edition?
  • I have always used mod organizer since it has always worked perfectly so I never used the internal one more than just look at it once. You can access it by launching the game and the main menu should have the option to access it.

  • How do you install mods for Skyrim Special Edition?
  • Well you can just manually install everything, activate and organize it in skyrim's own mod loader, it's a huge pain on both windows and linux but you can do it. I don't think plugin.txt has been in use since Bethesda added their own internal mod loader, that's probably why it's not working. Also LOOT isn't required, it just does the load order for you.