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does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • I've been using a OnePlus Open since November last year, and I'm very satisfied. I still cannot see a crease, and I use it unfolded with the multi-window setup fairly often!

    I would recommend it more if it wasn't so damn expensive!

  • Botanists vote to remove racist reference from plants’ scientific names
  • I feel the same... While some words are best avoided, I find the obsessive focus on language ridiculous sometimes, especially in the anglosphere. That gives us Voldemort/Yahweh words, controversy around master/slave, ""latinx"", censorship with asterisks that doesn't fool anyone...

    But I also remember that it's not the big deal Twitter rightoids make it seem to be. I have rarely seen anyone get seriously offended over just a word in real life, even when talking with fellow progressives. What triggers people in real life in my experience is arguments and ideas. Social media is not the real world in that regard.

    Sometimes, I worry that the language puritanism might be offputting when defending progressive ideas, because it makes it seem that feminists/antiracists are shallow and only about dictating newspeak, but I found while talking with people not onboard with these causes that they were smart enough to make a distinction between Twitter pedants and a genuine defense of feminism/antiracism.

    But, at the same time, I agree wholeheartedly that it makes a lot of sense to not call a black person racist names, or to stop calling people hysteric or retarded!

  • British cuisine is like...
  • I understand, but I don't want crisp in my curry potatoes 😋

    I wonder which version is correct in japanese/Indian curry recipes? Not that it makes any preferrence wrong, tastes are personal.

    But I could've sworn one way is the traditional way and one isn't... Oh well 🤣

  • Bethesda Game Studios workers have unionized
  • History is a great teacher. Without a powerful state to curb the influence of the owners of capital like when the US dismantled the standard rail in the early 20th century, what is going to prevent the natural concentration of wealth in the hands of an all-powerful lord, since accumulation is the endgame of capitalism?

    What you describe can only ever become a nightmarish dystopia that would bring about a new era of feodalism. And nobody except a few sheltered idiots are falling for that shit.

    And what you seem to describe in your other comments is actually minarchism and not anarchism, which handwaves the complexity of anarchism away for a flavor of "extreme economic conservatism but I don't want to pay taxes", which is incredibly shallow and selfish, on top of being actively against your personal interest.

  • Bethesda Game Studios workers have unionized
  • Anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron. You need hierarchies to protect private property, otherwise the whole thing just collapses on itself because there's no significant force to prevent theft - and not just by communities, be it states or cities, not following the principles of that selfish flavor of liberalism.

    Even if everyone lived in an "ancap" dystopia, that doesn't make everybody magically immune to greed, and some would happily bend the rules and loot, kill or steal, even if they agree on the social contract.

    I really don't think these idiots deserve the label "anarchism". I like to go with "neo-feodalism" because this is what their dystopias can only resolve to ultimately as soon as wealth is concentrated enough (which is inevitable without corrective action currently undertaken by the state in normal societies).

    I'm not saying this for you as much as I'm saying it for the lemmings that might not be too familiar with their nonsense.

    For one illustration of the dangers of their stupid ideology, see

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • The thread was about services (like fire stations, police stations and the likes), so I think it's relevant to mention that markets are very often ill-suited to provide the best services you can get (and they're often more expensive than public options, too).

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • The thread was about services (like fire stations, police stations and the likes), so I think it's relevant to mention that markets are very often ill-suited to provide the best services you can get (and they're often more expensive than public options, too).

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • There's a fundamental difference between most private entities and public entities: the profit motive, which is the reason why private companies' interests are misaligned with the interests of the people they're meant to serve in a lot of cases.

    The search for profit is the source of a lot of waste of resources that would be better used providing actual services (eg. Marketing for a fire station makes zero sense).

    Of course, this applies to entities that provide services and not those that build your phones.

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • You merely stating things doesn't make them right. But keep believin' I suppose. You got plenty of rational arguments yesterday, too bad you weren't able to respond to them 🤷‍♀️

  • Macron wins shock vote to keep coalition hopes alive
  • You chose the worst example to illustrate this. The left aligned and agreed on an ambitious list of reforms in record time, and they beat the far-right because of it. The biggest party in the leftist coalition withdrew a lot of candidates to keep the far-right out of power, and succeeded.

    A left-wing alliance with Macron is impossible. If the left is supposed to do politics like right-wingers, what is even the point?

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • You can't be sure of that. Some companies have monopolies on certain goods/services.

    One thing you can be assured of is that it would be way more expensive, and probably shittier, as is the case with that kind of privatized services.

  • Ce seum est délicieux


    La bourgeoisie est médiocre, mais elle sachions

    Oubliez tout ce qui suit la première partie où Tapie gâteux est à la ramasse. Ça fait du bien d'entendre un esti de bourgeois rappeler d'où le nord ouvrier trouvait sa consistance et son intelligence à l'époque


    Une épidémie


    Je ne sais pas si c'est réellement approprié, et si ça n'est pas le cas, autant supprimer ce post. Mais je me demandais ce que vous pensiez sur l'épidémie de tankies sur Lemmygrad/Hexbear et Lemmy.

    Et je ne parle pas des gens raisonnablement sceptiques sur certains sujets, mais des gens qui célèbrent la mort des opposants à leurs régimes de prédilection.

    Autant le dire tout de suite, et mon historique de posts le confirmera, je ne viens pas faire l'apologie du régime chinois, nord-coréen ou russe.

    Je suis juste vraiment curieux de savoir ce que d'autres gauchisses en pensent?

    Merci de votre attention!

    worldnews FlorianSimon Russia protest: Crowds clash with riot police as activist jailed

    Riot police clash with protesters in small town in the Urals after Fail Alsynov was jailed.

    Russia protest: Crowds clash with riot police as activist jailed
    worldnews FlorianSimon

    Ukraine shoots down £274m Russian spy plane Ukraine: The Latest - Ukraine shoots down £274m Russian spy plane

    Every weekday The Telegraph's top journalists analyse the Russian invasion of Ukraine from all angles and tell you what you need to know

    Ukraine: The Latest - Ukraine shoots down £274m Russian spy plane

    Facteur Cosmique?

    Salut à tous!

    J'ai bu au festival de Chambly une excellente sûre de style belge faite par Dieu du Ciel, que je n'ai jamais retrouvé par la suite. Savez-vous si elle est trouvable quelque part?


    Mike Ward - Noir