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VirtualBox 7.0.16 Released with Initial Support for Linux 6.8 and 6.9 Kernels
  • AFAIK it's being worked on but time is a major issue for the person handling the MR.

    I'd love to donate specifically to get Virtio/VirGL on a Windows guest. Given that VirtualBox and VMware could be on very shaky ground thanks to their owners, I think libvirt will be the long-term solution.

  • VirtualBox 7.0.16 Released with Initial Support for Linux 6.8 and 6.9 Kernels
  • Not applicable to AMD, and device passthrough can be clunky and not worth it if the user isn't doing anything that GPU-intensive.

  • What do you use Waydroid for?
  • Yeah I got a headphone dongle for my phone. Cider 2 is still nice though, 256kbps AAC (whether CBR or VBR) is fine for most people, and it seems to stay in that bitrate.

  • LXQt 2.0 Gears Up for Wayland: What’s Ready and Next?
  • I'd think so, otherwise it would've been dropped by a lot of the major distros by now. They don't have a specific community like the XFCE forums, though they do have a dedicated wiki.

  • What are songs about the music industry that you like?
  • Teya & Salena represented Austria in Eurovision last year with "Who the Hell is Edgar?", it was written from the perspective of wanting to be taken seriously in the industry, veiled through a fun song about being possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, though the bridge gets quite blatant and singles out Spotify for not paying its artists properly. It was one of the favourites in the Eurovision community last year and I think it would've done better had the Finland vs. Sweden rivalry not happened.

  • What do you use Waydroid for?
  • I was able to get lossless back then. It's a matter of enabling fake_wifi for the app in Waydroid. You have to play a track for it to activate, but that's also a bug I've experienced on my actual phone.

  • Stay on Fedora or Switch to Void?
  • I'd say try Void in a virtual machine if you have that itch. It should run fine on libvirt setups or VMware.

  • What do you use Waydroid for?
  • I would say use a cross-platform password manager that supports it in that case. Bitwarden, 1Password and Enpass all have Linux versions and support TOTP, and in the case of Enpass, it has local wifi sync so none of it goes to them. I get that moving 2FA codes to that can be time-consuming, though.

  • What do you use Waydroid for?
  • Used to use it for Apple Music but Cider 2 does what I want now, especially since Apple started locking down AM on rooted devices (of which Waydroid basically is) for no good reason.

  • Trying to ditch windows
  • Has Virtiofs matured lately into something that can be used day-to-day? I ask because I think the virtio stuff will be better for Windows virtualisation in the long-term, especially when VMware's future is not certain, but I heard folder-sharing on Windows guests was pretty bad from Lemmy recently, and a few years ago I tried it and yeah, I have to agree.

  • Apple to Allow Used Parts for Repairs, Starting With iPhone 15 Lineup
  • Some companies are alright with this but yeah there's always a catch with Apple.

  • LXQt 2.0 Gears Up for Wayland: What’s Ready and Next?
  • I think they're working on something as well. But just in case, MATE are experimenting with Wayland using Wayfire as the compositor, which is funny given that Compiz was very popular with GNOME 2/MATE back in the day and Wayfire is very much inspired by that.

  • Anyone else have their eclipse viewing ruined by clouds?
  • From the UK, the dark sky lasted longer than I thought.

  • Microsoft won't update your Windows 11 PC if it has these apps
  • For what it's worth, other Start menu replacements like Start11 and Open Shell's menu aren't on the list. This might genuinely be a compatibility-related blocker given that iCloud, EaseUS and certain drivers are also on the list.

  • what does everyone think about piped bot and other bots
  • I use a redirector extension for YouTube so PipedBot is useless and annoying for me. I'd rather someone just give me a YouTube URL and let the redirector extension do its work.

    TL;DRbot is okay, I guess.

  • 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity
  • Quod Libet was one I tried. Doesn't quite scratch the itch MusicBee gives me, but still solid nonetheless. Tauon Music Box is a gorgeous looking player that's similar.

  • Linux is officially at 99% for me.
  • I tried LM Studio since AMD advertised it for their GPUs. Once ROCm was installed my GPU was detected and I could use LLMs on that rather than on the CPU. I struggled to get it to work on Windows even when LM Studio was trying to do everything to get it to work.

  • 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity
  • When I've used it, gapless playback being non-existent due to it basically being a frontend to the web client/MusicKit for web. I listen to a lot of albums in full nowadays, so that can really hurt the experience. It's a shame because everything else about it is great. I am aware that the Cider devs are trying to find ways of handling that without reliance on the web client/API, which might enable gapless but also stuff like lossless if you got AM for that.

    Edit: I should mention that Cider has a new client that's paid but still supports Linux (specifically with AppImage, .deb and .rpm packages), and my experience was with Cider Classic.

    Edit 2: I bought Cider 2 and so far it's working well. You sacrifice lossless and maybe some gapless playback still, but it's a mild loss vs. so far a huge gain in usability.

  • Rosa Walton (of Let's Eat Grandma) - I Really Want to Stay at Your House

    Even during the botched launch of Cyberpunk 2077, this is a really great song. I still need to watch Edgerunners.


    MattKC: How I set up Windows XP GPU passthrough with libvirt/QEMU/KVM

    Thought this'd be interesting for those here, a tutorial for installing/running a Windows XP virtual machine with GPU passthrough. The tutorial needs a little rewrite, and I might consider doing that rewrite myself, but I was able to get things to run fine.

    Only warning I'd give is that some GPUs might not work OOTB with the virtual audio chipset. This happened to me when I was trying to use a virtual AC97 chipset - I had to move my GPU to a different virtual slot in the virtual machine to get it to work.


    From the mod for the plush community there made plushes of the shoes from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    cross-posted from:

    Context / Spoilers for Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    ___ In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the villain douses the sentient shoes in acid that kills cartoon characters. Fair to say that scene probably traumatised a lot of children when it came out. Hell it hit me seeing that scene now and I'm in my mid-20s.

    The mod from the plush community on made the plush to show their child that they're only just acting and I think that's really sweet.

    Thought I'd share it here on Pawb's community.


    Anyone here in the UK ordered the Apollo plush?

    Might as well shoot the question here. Thought I'd ask since I ordered it, and I am a little worried with UK customs. The order form said there was nothing in import tax, so I presume customs will keep it until then?

    (FWIW, I've ordered internationally before but tax has been handled just fine there. This is the first time I've come across this.)

    Edit 2024-02-23: The plush arrived quite a while ago (early Feb) with no issues regarding customs. Honestly a really good quality plush for the price.


    Steps - Something In Your Eyes

    Amazing cover of Jenny Silver's Melodifestivalen entry. I like the "modern ABBA" sound they went for rather than going full electro house synths like the original, it makes it sound timeless in a way.

    could I get away with posting this on the Eurovision communities


    Constant audio stuttering/cutting with Pipewire

    This isn't so much an Arch issue (For what it's worth, this also happened on Nobara) but rather a Pipewire issue but I wonder if anyone's had this issue as well as me...

    Running Arch on linux-zen (to fulfill Waydroid's binder requirement), on a Ryzen 7950X, motherboard has a Realtek ALC4080, connected via USB (yes it's still an internal sound chip).

    Basically, after any prolonged use, I would get a lot of stuttering. It got particularly bad when I was running MusicBrainz Picard while listening to something in VLC, but it will happen often, and constantly.

    I've tried setting my default output to the headphones, no dice. Also tried some workarounds from the Arch Wiki, specifically disabling suspend. Still happens. Adding headroom errored out Wireplumber.

    Anyone had this and if so, have they been able to fix it?

    Edit: I'll probably have to check if it's a kernel thing. I've just done some intensive tasks (i.e. installing Gentoo in a virtual machine) and the cutoffs come back. I remember Arch having something on the Wiki about that.

    AI WackyWorld: Oddities Unleashed! Flaky

    I asked Bing Image Creator to make Sonic drinking at Tim Horton's... I got him spewing instead.

    Prompt was something along the lines of "Sonic the Hedgehog drinking out of a steaming hot Tim Horton's cup".

    Funnily enough the two Canadian people that I know of both said negative things about Timmy's, one of them saying that he has referred to Timmy's as animal vomit, so maybe Bing is on the mark. 🤔 (disclaimer: i actually don't mind tim horton's and even like their sweeter coffees)

    I Put Arch On... Flaky

    My retro virtual machine PC

    For context, I've been getting some old Windows versions working with GPU passthrough thanks to MattKC who has been writing tutorials about it on his forums. I was able to get a Windows XP guest to work on this rig by passing through the 750 Ti, with the RX 480 doing host duties.

    It's not as simple as that, the NVIDIA drivers at the time still detected VMs so you need to work around that, and I had to move the virtual PCI-e ports around otherwise there's a conflict between the GPU and the virtual AC97 sound card, and you need to install the F6/floppy drivers for ICH6 so XP can use the virtual SATA ports. But once it's set-up, you've basically got a pretty powerful XP virtual machine. Wanna get Vista and 7 working with this in the future too.

    Fun fact, you can run the original GeForce Titan on Windows XP. NVIDIA's last XP-compatible drivers were in 2016.

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    Intermittent federation issues?

    I've noticed that federation here can be unstable lately - sometimes my comments will federate, and sometimes it won't.

    An example of a comment I recently made that has not federated:

    • (my comment)
    • (parent comment)

    An example of a comment I recently made that has federated:

    • (my comment from this domain)
    • (my comment from the remote domain)

    Might want to check the logs in case something's up. I don't think it's to do with the backend or whichever version it's using.


    Apparently Swifties are partly responsible for the growth and strength of Bluesky's Brazilian community.

    I've been trying out Bluesky for nearly two weeks now thanks to a friend of mine who gave me an invite code. For context, it's basically an alternative social network platform that was initially part of Twitter but broke off after management changed from Jack Dorsey. There's a lot about it I could talk about, including its long-term plans for federation like we have on the fediverse and how barebones the official client is, but the Taylor Swift community is probably not the best place for that. :p

    !A picture of different Bluesky clusters from July 28th 2023.

    Anyhow, Kamu decided to show the growth of the furry community on Bluesky, but one thing that was of note is the Brazilian supercluster. It's basically larger and more tightly-knit than most of the other non-English language clusters, and according to Kamu, one of the reasons for its growth? Taylor Swift. One of the earliest Bluesky communities were the Brazilian Swifties, and they were very effective at organising.

    Let me know if I should move this elsewhere, but I think it'd fit here and you lot here might enjoy this. I don't know about Bluesky's reputation amongst the ActivityPub fediverse, but I think this is a neat little tidbit to post here either way.