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Have you been working on anything interesting lately?
  • Definitely just playing around, I'm not any good at coming up with interesting hooks or ideas. But it's a hobby I've wanted to delve into and finally decided to make some simple projects. It has been fun learning how things tie together!

  • Have you been working on anything interesting lately?
  • I have been playing around with a project using the game engine Godot. Real simple stuff but it has been fun to learn!

    The engine and editor super lightweight and I am able to sync my project between two devices using Dropbox. I have pretty limited free time currently so being able to work on it wherever if I have a bit of time has helped keep my motivation for the project, even if progress has been slow ^^

  • It Fits Perfectly!
  • Handy storage spot :b

    I hadn't heard of Barkleys before, but it has been ages since I've had some nice mints so I am going to see if I can find some of those 😂

    Also, seeing that tin made me miss the tangerine Altoids Sours.

  • [Discussion] What games are you playing on your deck? - November 2023
  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen I just wanted to see how well it ran (decently enough, a few more stutters / slowdowns than I hoped but certainly playable) and now it has been the main game I've played for several weeks 😅 Game is fun :b

  • [Discussion] What games are you playing on your deck? - August 2023
  • Barony! It just had a big update release yesterday, part of which was a UI overhaul that made it much more playable with a controller. Runs flawlessly on the Deck with compatability set to Proton mode; prior to the update I had issues running the default native Linux version (text and textures were garbled) but have not tried on the new patch.

    It is a roguelike that feels more like actual Rogue or Nethack than anything I have played in a while and has great co-op support. I was having lots of fun learning the game before the update and am excited to spend more time with it, if the voxel-y graphics are not a turn off I definitely recommend it! Works well for shorter play sessions.

  • I installed the JSAUX transparent case on my Deck today!
  • That looks so cool! I'm digging the keyboard-matched track pads, too.

    I was proud of myself for getting just the JSAUX backplate on last week, no way I'd be brave enough to do the front/full enclosure, but it looks really slick and I'm glad to hear the process (especially the screen) was not as bad as anticipated. Thanks for sharing!

  • SoulsBorne
  • That looks so cool! I like all the little details of their outfit.

  • Big Tails [F]
  • She's adorable!

  • r/pics Votes to Reopen for Sexy Pictures of John Oliver
  • Malicious compliance is the best kind of compliance!

  • Hullo
  • Celtics knots and designs are fun, and the patten you have attached to this is nifty!

  • How to talk to tall people (unknown artist)
  • It is a good dynamic~

  • Pawperty Damage
  • It made me think of Rampage as well! Seems silly and maybe a tad shallow, but for $5 I think it's worth a spin. Could be pretty entertaining with a friend or two as well ^^

  • Do birds count as "furry"
  • Birbs are good 👍