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Population growth ‘masked’ Canada’s ‘recession-like economic backdrop’: RBC
  • They aren't villifiying the immigrants. They are villifiying the immigration policy. Too many too fast is unfair to immigrants as well as they may struggle to find good housing and jobs, things they were promised Canada would have. Many immigrants are also being exploited as cheap labour, sometimes being forced to ignore workplace safety or rules like breaks.

  • There is only one type of job: Doing something someone else doesn't want to do.
  • Not everyone is capable of doing every job. The tasks of a recptionist are far different than those of a roofer. Jobs like emergency services can be high stress positions, jobs like assembly work can be rather dull sometimes. Everyone and every job is different.

  • There is only one type of job: Doing something someone else doesn't want to do.
  • Let me just quit my day job and learn the electrical code to install that new breaker panel I need. Gotta brush up on the gas fitting code too cause my furnace needs work. Then ill drive myself to the hospital where i will be my own nurse and my own surgeon.

    The ability to learn is also linked with time, energy, and accessibility to resources.

  • Canada makes an unprecedented push for multifamily housing
  • We could also design and build building where is is possible to own a part of it. Might have to pay a monthly fee for maintaince of things like roofs, entrances or exterior walls. If it is possible to split and own row houses/townhouses, it should be possible for apartments as well.

  • Canada makes an unprecedented push for multifamily housing
  • As someone who lived in a few houses and now rent an apartment, when well done it is not bad at all. I don't hear my neighbours ever and my building is a renovated house, not even a new build with modern sound proofing. My location lets me walk to nearly everything I need, including the main bus terminal in my city. If you asked me 5 years ago I'd have said I could never live in an apartment and now it is one of my favourite places I've lived.

  • It’s the largest public transit investment in Canadian history, and advocates aren’t impressed
  • Profitability of transit is hard to truly measure. Every person on transit is a person not in a car. This reduces overall wear on the roadways and can reduce demand for more lanes/lane widdening projects.

    Transit produces leas carbon than cars so we should incentivizing people to use transit. Transit can also reduce the need for parking, provide better access for some disabilities, provide better acccess for people too young or too old to safely drive.

    Transit when implemented well can also be used to support denser housing without needing a ton of new 6 lanes roads to service that housing. I think good transit could be a really valuable and important tool in reducing Canada's emissions from transportation while supporting denser housing to end the housing crisis. It would also provide freedom of mobility to a wider range of people than cars.

  • 'Very aggressive' homeless camp crackdown coming in August, mayor says
  • And we could still fund a facility and staff to house and treat them and it would be cheaper than the current emergency services and courts costs. It would also be more humane and prevent massive encampments from forming.

  • Tesla Steers Onto Train Tracks It Apparently Mistook for a Road, Police Warn
  • Which is a big part of the problem. But not all Netherlands cities are super dense, many have suburbs serviced by transit and with cycling paths. When they were built they considered transit and cycling access when they built them.

    There is also the issue of land use. Many of those cities have looser zoning laws than the states which makes it easier for stores to open near peoples homes and scattered throughout the city rather than having to go to a massive commercial district with walmart and 5 other big box stores in a wasteland of parking.

    No one is saying a tiny farming town of 500 people needs high speed rail but cities into the 100s of thousands of people can certainly support a transit network, and many did before their trams were ripped out and their right of way given to cars.

  • Tesla Steers Onto Train Tracks It Apparently Mistook for a Road, Police Warn
  • The new york city subway is often faster than driving. Many cities in the Netherlands have faster transit or cycling times than driving due to careful planning and priority. Japan has high speed rail connecting many of its cities, most trains going faste than highway speeds, some doubling or even tripling highway speeds.

    Also north america was founded on trains. If we could build trains 100 years ago we can build better ones now.

  • Tesla Steers Onto Train Tracks It Apparently Mistook for a Road, Police Warn
  • All of those issues could be fixed by building around transit being the prioirty instead of the car. Some cities actually have transit that is faster than a car because transit gets priority at intersections and can take a more direct route.

  • Tesla Steers Onto Train Tracks It Apparently Mistook for a Road, Police Warn
  • The majority of trips people make are within their own city/local region. Thats where transit should be implemented first. Your country is not "too big" for transit

    If your country is too big for transit, it is certainly too big for all sorts of sensors and such in the roads to assist autonmous driving.

  • inconsistency with comments

    I've been having some minor issues with comments. Once a comment thread gets longer than 3 or 4 comments, accesing those deeper comment chains becomes very inconsistent/impossible. The "view more" button to see the rest of the comments will sometimes just disappear or do nothing when pressed. When accessing deep threads from my inbox or profile it will start at the top of the comment thread and fail to load/access the deeper comments, including the comment I used to navigate to that thread. Has anyone else had similar issues or found solutions?


    Sort by "hot" is inconsistent and often shows really old posts.

    The past couple updates whenever I'm browing "all" with sort set to "hot" the first few pages of scrolling is accurate but then it turns to posts that are 6months-2years old. This is only after 1-2 minutes of scrolling. Has anyone else had this issue?