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Know the difference.
  • It was many factions. I'm just saying all of them were trying to have third revolutions while the people starved to death. At some point, revolutions end with a unifying government that isn't trying to murder each other. Lenin was not the villain you're painting him to be.

  • Know the difference.
  • That's not true at all. The Mensheviks wanted to cooperate with the bourgeoisie and were therefore a bad representation of socialism. Lenin formed the Bolsheviks because the Mensheviks were being stupid. The country was also fractured after the revolution and many groups of counter-revolutionary groups were trying to overthrow the barely formed government. Meanwhile famines were ravaging the country. Understanding the historical context of Russia in 1917 and the economic struggles the people were dealing with is very important to understanding why things happened the way they did. Looking at the aftermath of a revolution where everyone is vying for power and killing each other doesn't automatically make the winner of that power grab the bad guys.

  • These 112 House Republicans voted against Ukraine aid
  • The best idea is to force a peace treaty. Tell Putin he can have the land he's captured if the war ends now. Better to let him take that land than wait until Russian military gets back into Kiev again or other more populous cities in the West. He'll feel like he's won and the killing will end. Otherwise there will be no end. Putin will never give up unless the Russian people put his head on a pike. Even if Ukraine somehow manages to push Russian troops back to their borders, the war doesn't end there and Ukraine isn't going to conquer Russia.

  • These 112 House Republicans voted against Ukraine aid
  • A lot of that equipment would've just gone back for rework and upgrades. Just because they're old doesn't mean they don't work. That narrative was intended to force the US to by new more expensive hardware instead of repairing what we already have. Now that the old stuff is shipped out there's a demand for new builds.

    We will only give Ukraine just enough to prolong the war as long as possible. This war means trillions of dollars in sales if it goes on long enough. I bet the US can stretch it up to ten years if they play the same right. And all the while, Ukraine will be bombed to shit, waiting for the US mega corporations to make more money on the reconstruction efforts. They just need to make sure Putin stays in power or the whole scheme falls apart.

  • UAW

    I work with the UAW and I'm reaching out to anyone in the St. Pete or greater Tampa Bay area about organizing your workplace. If you're unhappy with your wages, hours, or working conditions; please reach out. I would love to help organize your workplace. I've lived in Pinellas county my entire life and working class people are being priced out of their homes here. With the rising cost of living, we need to band together to demand better wages and force our employers to pay us what we're worth. Lets bring the labor movement down to St. Pete and stop job hopping from one sweat shop to another. I don't care what industry you work in, I just want to help you organize. United we bargain, divided we beg.