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Teen pizza delivery driver shot at multiple times after parking in the wrong driveway
  • I'm disagreeing with your statement that "you're only allowed to use deadly force in proportional response," not with whether this case is being prosecuted rightly or not.

    Mate, read that link I put in there. I can tell you, from experience, that if you shoot at someone stealing your property in Texas, where that penal code I posted is from, that exact portion of the statute is going to be used and you will not be convicted. It really is "anyone could have a gun or knife." At least Texas has it so just theft has to be during the nighttime, so I guess that's something.

    You'll also get similar worded statutes in many other states in the US, several of which, stating this again, where I've had the misfortune of having to research those laws. And that "reasonable belief" part about exposing yourself to risk of serious bodily injury or death? I have seen it applied to people who are simply physically larger than you. Proportional response is a moot concept.

  • Dreaming big
  • As we got to that middle part, I was hoping it was going to turn into a neat critique of the idea of slaving yourself to a job to survive. Just really turning the screws on the idea that 18 year old kids should be planning for a career so they can "thrive" and then... that's the sum total of life's goals. No adventures, no exploring of the self; simply a job and maybe kids. Then it just became a straight faced sad ending.

  • Which are the most fucked up books you've read?
  • I can't remember the name of the book now, but in high school we read a 'true' story of child abuse. I'm sure it was edited to both tone down and turn up certain elements, but it was pretty much a brutal shock to people who are mostly from decent families that love them. Whether the kids were rich, poor, or middle class in my school, just about everyone there could at least return home to parents that didn't commit those horrors.

    I remember the diapers, the exposure to the elements, and the way the other children were pitted against the abused kid, and honestly? It was the emotional abuse that was the worst to read.

  • Teen pizza delivery driver shot at multiple times after parking in the wrong driveway
  • Sorry, but that's not exactly right, because in several areas, the prevention of death or great bodily harm also includes the scenario where if you were to attempt to reclaim control over your property, you would be putting yourself in those same risk categories. See 9.42 (3)(B) here, where I have had the misfortune of having to research the law before. In other words, if you think the person is stealing your stuff and could harm you if you try to recover said stuff... well, you're 'legally' allowed to start blasting.

  • Teen pizza delivery driver shot at multiple times after parking in the wrong driveway
  • I'm not sure about the exact laws where the incident occurred, but in several other states that I know the law of, aggravated assault carries the exact same penalties as attempted murder. Because of the wording of the two laws, aggravated assault is much easier to prove. If you're a prosecutor, why would you not go with the easier to prove, exact same penalty crime?

  • Top 20 games played on Steam Deck in the April 2024, sorted by playtime
  • Hades and Isaac are surprising. They're both old enough that I would have thought they wouldn't be flush with players right now. The fallout stuff makes sense, given its fanbase and the show's influence. I wonder if I should go back and try to 100% either of them now...

  • Kristi Noem is a piece of shit.
  • Bird dogs don't kill the game birds. They retrieve them. It's why there are entire breeds called retrievers. Some other bird dogs flush the birds so you can shoot them in the air, preserving your so called "sportsmanlike" ways.

  • Just saw this while getting gas. Why is it illegal to get less than 4 gallons?
  • You'd be amazed how many people learn the hard way that they first need to head to a separate store to buy a gas container, then head to the gas station. Most places could care less about keeping a container on premises because it is both a rare situation these days, and storage is at a premium in most stores. If you saw the back room or manager's office, you would see the floor-to-ceiling stacks of inventory (usually drinks or tobacco products).

  • What anime do you like but are afraid/ashamed to admit it?
  • Inukami!

    It's constantly lewd, silly, and is simultaneously an example of a harem anime and making fun of perverts. The series has moments that will make you cry from laughing so hard, and times when you get a little emotional, and then you'll go "fuck yeah" as something cool happens. It sort of has the premise of 'taming' spirits and using them to battle bad spirits, but most of the time they end up fighting the over-aggressive nerd who gets a nosebleed around a girl.

  • Bully, Persona, TF2, Bayonetta, Cuphead, I'm sure you can name many others.
  • I think it's less "good jazz," and more 'jazz that fits the mood.'

    I don't want to listen to thrasher metal when I'm sitting in an italian restaurant, introducing my date to the family, and I don't want to listen to jazz when it's inappropriate.* I remember reading the blog of the Doom soundtrack, and he talked about the difficulty in creating soundtracks because you have to take music that was meshed to visual, auditory, and psychological happenings and create 'just' a piece. Going the other way, how difficult must it be to take musical compositions and match them well to gameplay... it blows my mind that there are people out there who do it so well, because there are definitely games that I loved because it was just a perfect combo, and others where they were saved from mediocrity with the addition of the right sound.

    *Aside, I was trying to think an example of when jazz in a game was inappropriate, and couldn't. Take from that what you will.

  • Two people killed in Texas after 350,000 pound load detaches from trailer, crushes vehicle: officials
  • The photo isn't great, but my memory of that stretch of road is there is a curve after a bridge. If the load came off and the truck was eastbound, that giant pole would have rolled across oncoming traffic. The poor driver coming the other way never stood a chance of avoiding it.

  • UK has worst rate of child alcohol consumption in world, report finds
  • I believe it. There once was a time, that may or may not be a memory, where the bartender would serve you if you could walk up to the bar and order. You also needed money, but a bit of bartering with scrounged flotsam from the quay could cover costs.