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Red Lobster Had to Close So That Rich People Could Get Paid
  • The problem where I live is that there aren’t any other options for seafood-focused restaurants, and the fanciest of local regular restaurants are similarly priced ($100-150 for two) or cheaper while also serving much better food. The few places that are “higher tier” than that are weird old people bars that have giant spread-eagle nude paintings on the walls and their food is always disappointing.

    There’s nothing wrong with properly frozen seafood, so at the rate we went to Red Lobster, maybe twice per year, we’re better off satisfying our seafood cravings by buying at the store and preparing it at home. It will taste better at about 1/3 the price. We can spend our “fancy date” money at a local restaurant and have consistently better experiences all around.

    TBH I’m looking forward to Red Lobster not being an option anymore. Support your local restaurants.

  • A cool guide for police interactions
  • It’s like a warning about wild animals at a campsite.

    Never approach the wildlife or make it feel threatened. Do not make sudden movements. Doing so may provoke an attack. Never feed the police. It cannot tell the difference between fingers and french fries.

  • Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump following their disputes during Republican primary
  • That’s because racism, religion, etc. are tools conservatives use to get rubes to vote against their economic interests. For the people in power, it’s only about power and money. They couldn’t give two fucks about culture wars, abortion, immigration, or anything else outside of riling up and distracting poor people so they fight each other and not them. Some tools work best in the US and different tools are needed in India. You just need the right tool for the job.

  • Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise
  • Not to mention sea level rise’s unpredictable effect on inland rivers. River avulsion can be both directly catastrophic and cause long-term drought and other problems in cities and communities that rely on their rivers being… where they are. Shit’s gonna fuck everyone up.

  • Would you support a mandatory retirement age of 75 for US House, US Senate & US Supreme Court Justices and if not why?
  • First I would support campaign finance reform and watch 90% of the problems be solved.

    Then I would tackle the other 10% by making voting more accessible - especially in primaries. Make it so accessible that even young voters bother to do it. That way people will choose younger reps more often.

    So no, I wouldn’t support putting a bandaid on one issue and ignoring the root causes.

  • Elite Dangerous accused of becoming pay-to-win with introduction of new ship
  • I feel like this is a dying gasp effort to keep the game online. I actually feel bad about it.

    Elite is one of two games where I’ve ever spent money on cosmetics. I spent like $60 on paint jobs because I actually wanted to support the game.

    I’m not sure what to think about this, because normally I hate “pay to win” and cosmetic shops alike. I wish Elite just had a subscription model and could support more stable servers or something. I don’t know how they expected to put an always-online game on sale for $5 all the time and keep it profitable without eventually running into a brick wall where they’d need to choose between shutting down and pissing off players.

    I genuinely hope this somehow turns out to be worth it for them.

  • [Serious] Do you know of any processed snack foods with some vitamins?
  • Some crackers have whole grain versions that taste as good or better than their white flour versions. Goldfish and Cheez-its are the two that come to mind. This doesn’t make them “healthy”, but at least there’s some better fiber in there. Compare nutrition labels.

    Also try veggie chips/sticks. Again, they’re not “healthy”, but… there’s some better stuff in them than normal junk food. They are junk food with a small amount of bonus nutrition.

    Freeze-dried fruit is addicting, but expensive. Try it and/or dehydrated fruit. The latter is chewy while freeze-dried is crunchy and melts in your mouth.

    You can also try making your own nuggets or tenders with whole-grain panko breadcrumbs, and seasoning. The trick is to make it better than McDonald’s, which is easy for an adult, but tricky for kids. I don’t know the magic sauce though.

    One of the latest Splendid Table podcasts had a guest on to talk about cooking healthy for kids (or she just wrote a book about it, I didn’t listen yet.) It’s a great show. Check that out.

  • 40-year-old delivers for DoorDash to help pay down her $100,000 student loan debt—on top of her full-time job
  • You can’t escape student loan debt by default, bankruptcy, etc.

    The best thing you can do is sign up for IBR and accept that 5% of your income is lost for 20 years, and hope that whoever is president at that time isn’t a sadist cunt. Also try to save some extra money for possible income tax on the forgiven amount.

    That’s assuming your loans are subsidized. If they’re private, try delivering for DoorDash on the side!

  • The EPA is again allowing summer sales of higher ethanol gasoline blend, citing global conflicts | AP News
  • Do you support carbon tax? I’d have thought most Lemmings would. Letting prices rise without needing to pass carbon tax legislation should offer similar benefit: If people think twice about using gas due to price, and seek alternate ways to commute, like bikes, trains, carpooling, etc. then that’s good for the environment. And that’s in addition to the environmental advantages of not producing more ethanol.

  • Monitor advice: UWQHD Curved 144hz VA vs. QHD 240hz IPS

    I’m in the market for a new monitor. It’ll be used for gaming and browsing, but also light graphic design/video editing and lots of email- and document-writing, some spreadsheets, etc. My graphics work is not very color sensitive, and I have a “normal” $100 IPS monitor on the side to compare.

    The two options that caught my eye so far:

    BenQ Mobiuz EX3410R - 34” 21:9 1440p 144hz VA with 1000R curve (450 USD)

    BenQ Mobiuz EX270QM - 27” 16:9 1440p 240hz IPS (570 USD)

    I’m upgrading from a 24” Acer Predator XB253Q GX 1080p 240hz IPS, which I chose because I had a 90’s desk with a hutch that limited monitor size. I’ve been fairly happy with it despite a few quirks and low PPI, but that desk is going to the curb soon so it’s time for something bigger.

    My PC is Ryzen 5800X3D, 32G RAM, RTX 4700 Ti. I predict my usual games will hover around 180-200 fps in QHD, and 120-140 in UWQHD.

    I know I’d be happy with what would be a direct upgrade to a 27” 1440p version of my current monitor, but I’m feeling the pull toward the novelty of UW and curved. I've only had 16:9 and a few 16:10 flat monitors.

    Here are my concerns about going UW curved:

    1. Since I’m doing some WFH text and graphics, I want to make sure I won’t regret the leap. I think I’d get used to the curve, but I’ve heard that some VA panels can get a bit wonky with text.

    2. While my graphics work is not very color sensitive, it sometimes is a little bit… I can’t be giving people jaundice, I mean. The Acer isn’t exactly perfect either, but it’s good enough. And I always check photos on my side monitor and my phone.

    3. Whatever I choose will be my daily driver for probably 7+ years. I’m concerned that there will always be adjustments and compromises if I go curved. Meanwhile, flat 16:9 is fool-proof, but I’ll always suffer from grass-is-greener syndrome.

    4. I know both of these options run the risk of backlight bleed - the VA because it’s large and curved, and the IPS because it’s IPS. The “IPS glow” doesn’t really bother me too much, but edge bleed would. I got lucky with my Acer - it’s pretty much solid black. I don’t know which would be more risky for developing backlight bleed.

    5. The EX270QM is brighter and has much better color - bother a wider gamut and more accurate. I’m not sure if the curve and extra width will be a worthy trade-off, even if I love 21:9 curved. So, again, a different grass is greener problem.

    6. I really enjoyed 240hz G-Sync smoothness, but I don’t play serious competitive stuff and I could downgrade to 144hz, as long as the other benefits are worth the trade-off. I also think QHD will hover around 180fps in my current games, and UWQHD around 140 maybe. I’d probably only get the full benefit of 240hz QHD in older games.

    Do any of you own either of these or similar monitors? And even if not, please alleviate any of my concerns or try to sway me one way or another. If you have other recommendations in the $450-600 range, I’d welcome them too.

    Edit - TL;DR: I’m torn and indecisive between 21:9 1440p curved VA and 16:9 1440p flat IPS. Color and quality are important, but so is gaming immersion. I yearn for something new from my 16:9 past, but I’m afraid I’ll fight with regret. I seek to learn from wisdom and experience. Please help.

    Anyone experiencing random crash/restarts? (Series 9)

    This has been happening the past few weeks. I’ll look at my watch and see that it’s locked even though I haven’t taken it off, and sometimes I’ll catch it on the logo screen restarting.

    I can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason for it. My wife has a series 7 on OS 10 and isn’t having this problem.

    Anyone else having this issue on series 9 or other watch?

    Advice/Rant: That one house on the walking route

    For the past several months I’ve been walking my dog (Cocker Spaniel) at least twice a day. We usually get about 2 total miles in. My neighborhood is an old racetrack and it’s a nice walking route.

    I’ve also been using the time to train her to behave when strangers and other dogs pass us, and overall she’s been responding very well. She is scrappy like Spaniels tend to be, but she’s improved a lot - I can hold her attention and reward her with praise and a treat when we pass people and dogs and she doesn’t bark or growl, which is now most of the time - often even when there’s another dog that is reacting badly.

    But there’s this one house… They have two medium/small dogs that are almost always left unattended in a fenced yard. They start barking at us before we turn the corner onto their road. The dogs are up against the fence, barking and snarling and nipping at each other. They are extremely loud and relentless. When the owners are present, it’s 50/50 if they scream at the dogs to stop or not, and even then it’s with mixed results. But lately they are just letting it go. I am getting the impression they are upset that someone dares to walk on the street past their house.

    This is the only time I lose control of my dog. She behaves fine until we’re right at the fence, then she reacts by growling and lunging toward the fence, and eventually starts barking back. It was so bad a few days ago that I picked her up and faced her away, but she wriggled out of her harness and jumped off me. An Amazon truck had to stop to avoid hitting her, which I couldn’t even hear coming behind us because the other dogs were barking so loud. I was livid and embarrassed at the whole situation.

    I’ve tried everything I can think of passing this house - stopping and holding tight till my dog stops reacting, which she does only until we start moving again, or holding the treat in front of her face to try to hold her attention, which doesn’t work. I’ve even thrown the treat away in front of her while she’s barking, which only makes me feel bad.

    The obvious solution is to avoid walking past this house, but that would mean I can’t walk the loop. And at this point I don’t want to give the owners the satisfaction of intimidating me and other dog walkers away from walking on their street.

    What other training methods can I use to help my dog ignore them? I’m afraid it’s just too much for her. Should I bother making a complaint? Any and all advice is appreciated.

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