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Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2
  • Volumetric video for sports is interesting because it offers VR users the option to 'be there', but the provider can also offer desktop/mobile users the option to control their own virtual camera. I can kinda see it taking off in a few years when more cheaper/lighter headsets with good passthrough arrive.

  • Adobe's Employees Are Just As Upset at the Company As Its Users: Report
  • The main issue was plugins and external programs compatability. There are some really obscure plugins for advanced work in Indesign, like syncing with client spreadsheets for catalogue work, auto generating indexes/references, that kind of thing. Another problem with ID was working on a network with multiple users accessing the same file from different locations. With Photoshop it's a similar story, we had a lot of actions and custom scripts that would've been a massive headache (or impossible) to port over manually. Personally I use a lot of scripts/actions using smart objects, auto selections etc for batch processing and the feature set in Affinity just isn't (or at least wasn't) up to it. These days I prefer Capture One over Lightroom for RAW processing but I still need to use LR when processing timelapse because the 3rd party plugins only exist for LR.

  • Adobe's Employees Are Just As Upset at the Company As Its Users: Report
  • Affinity is the closest but still a ways off being a viable replacement for ID or PS. Source: worked in a design studio, every few years we would try Affinity in an attempt to de-Adobe our workflows but it's just not comparable.

  • An immersive LED walled night club
  • VR caves are still a thing. It's also the technique used for virtual production, with the backgrounds rendered in realtime in Unreal Engine, trackers on the camera for positional data, or camera on a robot arm which negates the need for trackers. It's very cool tech that opens up a lot of possibilities that would be prohibitively expensive to shoot for real.

  • das bagel
  • I like cream cheese. I usually go with butter and cream cheese, followed by salmon and maybe some lemon or dill/mustard sauce. Have you ever tried making cream cheese pastry? I don't have the recipe at hand but you can make a dough with like 50% cream cheese. Roll it in a circle, top with smoked salmon (or ham I guess), cut into pizza slices and roll into mini croissants and they come out of the oven so crispy and cheesy and delicious it's the best way to consume a lot of cream cheese IMHO

  • Barn owl with prey

    Taken near Sherwood Forest, England 2015