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George Clooney, who hosted major fundraiser for Biden last month, says Democratic Party needs a new nominee | CNN Politics
  • That’s exactly my point. Morals, decorum, ethics, etc., only apply to democrats. Republicans will vote for Putin if it serves their needs and desires. Meanwhile democrats are infighting to the point of taking their own candidate down, even if that means destroying democracy. Democrats need to understand that the game has changed, if they want to win they’re going to have to emulate republicans. I guarantee that come November every single republican will vote for Trump. Why can’t we say the same? Why don’t we stand behind Biden regardless of that one debate performance? Instead we have every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane calling for Biden to step aside knowing damn well there is no one to take his place. Knowing damn well that Biden was the people’s choice.

  • George Clooney, who hosted major fundraiser for Biden last month, says Democratic Party needs a new nominee | CNN Politics
  • People do, you and I push back against Trump. Retired republicans push back against Trump. But how many current Republicans in office do you see doing what democrats are doing to Biden right now? How many do you see calling for him to step aside? Is it one, two, three republicans in office? Remember, I’m not asking for those who oppose Trump like Lisa Murkowski or Susan “He’s learned his lesson” Collins. I’m talking about a two or three week thrashing on national media with the help of the media. How many?

  • George Clooney, who hosted major fundraiser for Biden last month, says Democratic Party needs a new nominee | CNN Politics
  • Biden had one bad debate and motherfuckers are coming out of the woodwork to condemn him. Meanwhile, Trump, the convicted felon, can say and do whatever the fuck he wants and you don’t hear shit against him from republicans. Democrats better learn real quick that the game has changed. Keep turning the other cheek and you’re just going to get slapped again.

  • Rep. Jerry Nadler reaffirms support for President Joe Biden's reelection
  • Democrats just eat their own and then they’re like oops, my bad, was that your pancreas I just ate?

    They extended this fiasco for two goddamn weeks. Every time, every station, every channel, OMG Biden is unfit to serve! Now they're like, yeah, I’m with Joe.

  • Trump amplifies posts calling for televised military tribunal for Liz Cheney | CNN Politics
  • It’s going to be alright everyone. The Biden campaign stated that Biden will not expand the courts. Why? Because when we go high they fuck us in the ass with a cactus.

    The man is literally telling us what he’s going to do. Is the message not clear enough? Is it not loud enough? Is it not violent enough? How ingrained is American Exceptionalism exactly? What’s it going to take America?

  • From raising alarm to backing Biden, Democrats in Congress grapple with debate aftermath
  • Preach brother/sister. Fair warning though, I called out this poster and one of his/her/their alt accounts and got my comment deleted. I simply refuse to engage with them. It’s sometimes best to downvote and move on. However, I agree with what you said and your attitude towards the trolls.

  • "All the evidence is about to come out": Legal experts say SCOTUS ruling could backfire on Trump
  • Backfire?! Backfire?! Are you fucking kidding me legal experts?! So far nothing has fucking backfired for Trump and I highly doubt this will. Just heard the most recent poll numbers after the debate, looks like Trump is ahead and will remain ahead for the foreseeable future. Fuck out of here with that backfire bullshit. It’s been 4 fucking years since this traitor left office and he hasn’t seen an ounce of goddamn accountability and the legal experts want me to believe that this will be the thing? Fuck outta here. Legal experts are contributing to the rise of this fascist fuck. It’s simple, we either vote for Biden or Trump takes over.

    Edit: Rep Doggett (D) Texas is on MSNBC right now calling for Biden to withdraw. Jesus Fucking Christ, we’re sinking the boat ourselves.