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What they didn't teach you about the Middle Ages
  • The only war I'd participate in

  • can we most rule this?
  • smh. Door supremacy or just get out

  • One thing on my mind rule
  • Clearly you dont own a cat brain

  • morule of the storule
  • True, I was the sewer

  • the futrule if it didn't suck
  • Solarpunk my beloved (≧▽≦)

  • ruletation
  • One interesting fact about 4D creatures is that they can see you, no matter how hard you try to hide in 3D space.

  • Inflation rule
  • Ah I get it now, thanks :)

  • Inflation rule
  • That depends on if your wage increases to keep up with the inflation, because I assume getting the same wage (which will be used to pay back the debt) won't make it any better, right?

  • regle
  • The boy

  • Amountrule
  • An answer nonetheless. A very one, indeed.

  • Perfection
  • Do not the crab

  • Guess what they're ruling about

    Alt text: A cropped youtube comment saying: > Because flying cats fly and poooooo at the same time & it drops on ur head. > Non-flying cats poooooo in the sandbox. > PERIOD.

    I didn't know where else to ask rule
  • Dip it in conc. H2SO4

  • Rule
  • Is this loss

  • Internet creation mystery rule
  • I think its Ugly with the lower case g

  • [not a meme] anyone I should add?
  • CallMeCarMagnet (CallMeKevin)
    Drift Daddy (RTGame)

  • He who must rule
  • Holy shit is that the milk guy??‽

  • He who must rule

    alt-text: > A conversation between person A and B (friend visitor allegation meme template) A: He who can no longer pause to wonder and sta- B: (interrupting A) Hee Hoo A: (Looking at B with an uncomfortable glare) B: (smug look)

    Borked alarm rule
  • I don't. I just have that alarm so that I have the satisfaction of dismissing it and going back to sleep.

  • Borked alarm rule
  • Nope, I didnt hear it. DnD wasn't enabled either.

  • Borked alarm rule
  • It only shows the "Upcoming Alarm" if the alarm is within 2 hours (or some hours idk specifically). This was a legit bug.

  • Borked alarm rule

    alt text: > Phone screenshot showing time as 7:02 AM, Saturday, March 16. Notification is showing an "upcoming alarm" of Saturday 6:00 AM which shouldn't be possible. Multiple question marks drawn nearby, expressing my frustration.


    Don't tell me what to rule

    alt text: > A picture of a Ferris plushie (Rust language mascot) next to an orange fruit. Bottom text says: Ferris is just as orange (the color) as an orange (the fruit). Remember that Ferris is made from synthetic materials and you should not eat him.


    Ok I wont rule

    > A YouTube video thumbnail with a guy looking back to see a hippo running towards him. The title of the video is 6 Hippo Encounters You Should Not Watch


    Bedbugs don't rule

    A conversation between two people in YouTube comments. Person 1: Bedbugs should be destroyed, all of them... Person 2: (Reply to Person 1) start with yourself then


    Trains rule


    Tower collector rule

    Tower Collector is an app to help contribute mobile tower data to Mozilla Location Services and OpenCellID, so that its open to all instead of a few large companies. Both of them are open source projects. This data can be used for estimating location without GPS for example. Fdroid link