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Exist Exist

I exist, therefore I am.

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ChatGPT rule
  • hey chat, i farted

  • rule
  • Bumbersnatch Doorlock

  • we need better hobbies
  • True now tell me how to do that.

  • Some music just has a way of touching your soul
  • I came here to shitpost and I'm all out of shit...hi

  • ‘Not dumb creatures.’ Livestock surprise scientists with their complex, emotional minds
  • If you are what you eat, scientists should eat intelligent animals.

  • Holey rule
  • tell me why

  • Determining sexuality rule
  • How dare you approach junior

  • Hieroglyphics rule
  • lol had to zoom to understand. Maybe if I zoom more I will find loss.

  • Just imagine
  • Conifer deez nuts

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Beautiful, synthwave music spontaneously started playing in my head.

  • That seems low.
  • Not thinking helps with this.

  • Ruleblind
  • I said an orange, not that it is orange.

  • Isometric zombie apocalypse
  • Very nice, looks like a real game

  • Ruleblind
  • I can tell this is an impressionistic painting of an orange.

  • Finally getting some action
  • Two years? That's what i thought I would say when buying them 8 years ago.

  • Hurt like me.
  • No I'm 2008, ur 2000 and late

  • A master of the dad joke
  • "hi so tired"

  • Post bad/mediocre anime with good openings
  • Dot hack sign may not be that entertaining, but for me there is something special to it. I felt like it perfectly expressed how it feels to be lost in a state of depression and trying to find something meaningful, probably without even meaning to.

  • The wrong kind of Dr.
  • I see nobody here has a PhD in commenting.

  • do not!