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Somehow snapchat for web doesn't support firefox 🤦
  • Snapchat has been a shit company for years. They threatened to sue third party client developers for Windows Phone, they purposely degrade camera quality on Android, etc (For awhile on Android they were just screenshotting the viewfinder instead of actually using the camera APIs.)

  • If we're gonna turn this ship around, we gotta start cutting the crust off this shit sandwich!
  • A few days ago, three Orions tried to mug me. Now, I want to be very clear about something. These pieces of garbage—they don't know who they're dealing with. I don't know if they wanted money, or they wanted something more sexual. But it's a lucky thing I had my pieces. So anyway, I started blasting

  • U.S. halts avocado and mango inspections in a Mexican state after 2 USDA employees attacked, detained
  • It doesn't even involve drug smuggling. Like organized crime in the US, they've branched out into racketeering and extortion in otherwise legitimate industries. Tortillerias are also major targets of extortion rackets now in Mexico.

  • Alex Jones Is Now Trying to Divert Money to His Father’s Supplements Business
  • Free Speech Systems is out of bankruptcy court now, though. The Sandy Hook plaintiffs asked the court to either change the bankruptcy from a reorganization to a liquidation or dismiss the case. The judge concluded it was in the best interests of everyone involved to dismiss it and allow the SH plaintiffs to move forward in state courts towards collecting.

  • Here's what's happening to ad blockers in Google Chrome (and other browsers)
  • You could schedule it with cron. You usually don't need to update the lists very often though, and you don't want to either as you're just wasting the bandwidth of the hosts of the lists, who aren't making any money off hosting them.

  • House Passes Bill To Automatically Register Young Men for the Draft
  • $250k fine, but they haven't prosecuted anyone since the 80s, and even then, it was only a handful and typically only when the person went around bragging about it in protest.

    The bigger deal is being barred from federal employment, contracts, grants, and other programs. Some states may deny drivers licenses because of it. And it used to mean you couldn't receive federal financial aid for college, but that changed in 2020.

  • House Passes Bill To Automatically Register Young Men for the Draft
  • That was apparently repealed in 2020.

    Wish it would've happened sooner. There was some issue with my school's financial aid office every freaking semester. A week before classes started, I would get a letter that all my financial aid was canceled for failing to register, and I'd have to go in and prove I had. After the 4th time, they finally took a photocopy of my registration and had me sign an affidavit and appended it to my file.

  • House Passes Bill To Automatically Register Young Men for the Draft
  • You're required to sign up within 30 days of your 18th birthday. You should have (well your parents anyway) a social security card within the first year of your life, strange outliers aside.

    It's still technically a crime knowingly not registering, with a $250k fine, even if it hasn't been prosecuted in decades.

    It also bars you from federal government jobs, many federal programs, and grants. Until 2020, it also barred any federal financial aid for education, but that's changed now.

  • Supreme Court rejects bid to restrict access to abortion pill
  • To be fair, this was never really about making mifepristone illegal outright. It was mostly about the FDA rules that would allow by mail order without first consulting a doctor. Consulting a doctor for its other uses would allow it to be prescribed for them.

  • Supreme Court rejects bid to restrict access to abortion pill
  • I think a lot of people are surprised by this, but I think it's mostly 9-0 because it wasn't really settled on any merits -- these people just did not have standing to sue.

    I'm pretty sure this came out of the 5th Circuit and I'd expect to see more rulings like this smacking the 5th Circuit down because it specifically has gone off the rails and started making insane rulings unsupported by any law or precedent.

    While SCOTUS has made some questionable rulings in the last several years, they're still going to punt in obvious situations where they can.

  • Watch: Local Sinclair Anchors Read Same Shady Script on Biden’s Age
  • Worth noting that was also Sinclair. Over the years I've seen numerous right wing MAGA wackos try to use that as a demonstration of the mainstream media being corrupt unlike or whatever. They don't like when you point out it was Sinclair, a right wing junk outlet.

  • Hunter Biden convicted of three felony counts in federal gun trial
  • I know multiple people, several of them fine upstanding Republicans that have violated this same law by lying on this same form. Hell, one of them has done it repeatedly in order to straw purchase firearms for his son, a convicted felon.