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Trump's social media account shares a campaign video with a headline about a 'unified Reich'
  • In other words, “We agree with everything about the video except the fact that this particular word was used, specifically because it might get us in trouble. Please disregard the fact that this logically implies that we are literally 100% cool with the Neo-Nazi ideology, just not the terminology.”

  • Looking forward to this one on Steam Deck since it'll support support Linux out of the box!
  • Your points are totally valid, but I will share my reasons for having faith in this particular project:

    1. The creators have been delivering projects for about 40 years now (not Kickstarter, but mostly as Toys for Bob).
    2. The project has progressed significantly already - prototypes have been built and assets have been created. It’s not just a speculative project.
    3. The project is of a manageable scope. It’s not planning to revolutionize anything or deliver innovative technology. It’s well-trodden ground, technically speaking.

    I will admit that there’s risk in it being a small team chasing nostalgia, so even if it does deliver something, the quality may not be what we all hope it could be. But I have enough faith in the team that it can’t be worse than Star Control 3.

  • Looking forward to this one on Steam Deck since it'll support support Linux out of the box!
  • I’m looking forward to it because it’s the official sequel, from the original creators, over thirty years after the fact, to my favorite PC game of all time. Star Control 2 (Free on Steam but now renamed to Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters due to a bizarre copyright squabble) is an open-world (galaxy?) sci-fi adventure with brilliant and hilarious writing, endearing hand-drawn pixel art, and phenomenal music. There’s nothing quite like it. It was crafted with a deep love for gaming and I have no doubt the sequel is being treated with the same kinds of reverence.


  • Sequel to Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters
  • I mean if Star Control 2 wasn’t vastly superior in every way or you could just erase it from history, the game would have had some charm to it. But comparatively, it was a pretty tragic letdown.

    The one good part that I still remember though was the quest where you had to retrieve a Daktaklakpak Data Pak. That tickled me since I’m a sucker for fun wordplay.

  • Sequel to Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters

    First off, it’s a sequel (by the original creators) to a game that clearly helped inspire Mass Effect as well as some of the greatest game designers ever. Second, it’s being made without any of the modern live service, microtransaction, evil tricksy EULA manipulations, and other bullshit plagues of recent gaming. THIRD, the art and music are lovingly hand-crafted and build off of one of the most charming, memorable, and musically brilliant games of all time. AND FOURTH, ~i want an Xbox port~. We’re so close! Only $23k left!!!

  • Could you post a photo of your cat and tell me what makes them so special?
  • This is Alice. I got her at the same time as I got Milo, about 12 years ago now. Milo passed way in 2022 and I miss him all the time. He was my buddycat, Alice is my bunnycat. She’s soft, fluffy, sweet, and lazy. She loves a warm spot and a lap to cuddle on, though since she’s about 16 years old now, she can’t really jump up onto things anymore. We also adopted a little lunatic kitten named Chess, and she hates him passionately. We keep her sequestered away from the kitten and the new dog we also adopted, but the little bastard loves her so much and wants nothing more than to be her best friend. He sits on the other side of the door and sings to her all day. She just hisses back. She’s entitled to be crotchety though. Sometimes we take her out and bring her onto the couch and set her up with some lap time and she just curls up in a ball until Chess comes along, at which point she hisses ceaselessly until he goes away.

    Unrequited love, what a sad story.

    This is Chess:

  • Need a game for a flight
  • I’ll throw some mostly retro curveballs. They should all be more than enough playtime to get you to Greece and probably home again.

    The Longest Journey - old point and click adventure game with a sci-fi/fantasy between-worlds story and a likable protagonist. You get insane battery life playing this one.

    Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters - free release of a 32 year old open world sci-fi adventure. Literally my favorite PC game of all time. It’sa predecessor to games like Mass Effect and Starfield, and the music is incredible. Also a low power demand. This game could run on a toaster.

    Marvel Midnight Suns - part phenomenal tactical card strategy game with superheroes, part relationship simulator where you can go stargazing with Spider-Man. Some reviews were harsh because of the weird combination, but if you appreciate the alternating battle/hobnobbing, it’s a hugely entertaining game. Goes on sale quite a bit.

    System Shock 2 - Another classic. Bioshock was a spiritual successor to this much deeper, scarier, more complex immersive sim FPS. It shares a ton of DNA with Deus Ex as well. Its predecessor, System Shock 1, was recently remade to much acclaim.

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