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  • Except Alpine & those based on it, which uses Linux but not GNU libc or GNU coreutils or GNU BASH... Just musl libc & Busybox. I.e. the entire subject of this thread is one of the non-GNU Linuxes.

  • GNU-Linux
  • Sure, I should have gone further.

    Systemd/GNU libc/GNU Coreutils/GNU BASH/Linux/X11//GTK/GNOME
    Systemd/GNU libc/GNU Coreutils/GNU BASH/Linux/X11/GTK/LXDE
    Systemd/GNU libc/GNU Coreutils/Zsh/Linux/X11/GTK/GNOME
    Systemd/GNU libc/GNU Coreutils/Zsh/Linux/X11/GTK/LXDE
    Systemd/GNU libc/GNU Coreutils/Zsh/Linux/Wayland/QT/KDE Plasma
    Systemd/GNU libc/GNU Coreutils/Zsh/Linux/Wayland/QT/LXQT

    etc, etc.

    There are thousands of combinations of the possible layers needed to make an OS.

  • xkcd #2929: Good and Bad Ideas
  • Tomato soup in a bread bowl, with cheese. Not quiche, the filling isn't egg-based.

    It's delicious. And since the Italians call just about any round bread with toppings pizza (e.g. Bartolomeo Scappi's pizza was cake with powdered sugar & saffron toppings) it's pizza. As is New England clam chowder in a bread bowl!

  • Just for counting? For speed also?
  • You can do that with a single line. It's a closed, flexible tube with a pressure sensor. Effectively a crude scale. It measures the weight on the axle. Semi trucks weigh a LOT more than passenger vehicles, even ridiculous pickups.

  • Nuclear fusion reaction releases almost twice the energy put in
  • It's the NIF. It's a hydrogen bomb simulator, it's not intended to become a power production mechanism. Roughly 0% of their budget involves researching how to turn single fusion explosions at most every few hours into continuous power output.

    Scales great for getting around nuclear test ban treaties though, much quicker to retest than blowing up Pacific islands.