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I got an atheist fortune cookie
  • Wouldn't it be more agnostic?

  • And they don't fold well either
  • Casper's standard pillow works like this. You can also use them separately to have a light and medium pillow.

    Just note from my experience, that using the full firmness (pillow in a pillow) can give you a really stiff neck in the morning/day.

  • I have become all things to all men
  • Depending on how the event is spun (story-wise), an attempt like this could make the other candidate's party seem unhinged enough that one of their members would do (and apparently fail badly at) this. This, making the target, and their party by association, seem more noble than thay may be.

    To a lot of people, whether the shooting is or isn't affiliated doesn't really get questioned no matter what they hear, as what party would hurt itself? They'll immediately think there is some conspiracy (the human psychology loves these rabbit holes) to make it seem like any favoring affiliation to the target's political side is staged by the other.

  • what would be a funny thing to teach my 5 y/o niece?
  • Teach her how she can insert "apparently" into every statement.

  • Scalpers Reverse-Engineer Ticketmaster's 'Non-Transferrable' Tickets
  • They do. Even if just contractorial, they own them.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • With gmaps constantly suggesting off-ramp->on-ramp detours at over/underpasses to help you shorten your eta by 1 minute increase merging traffic, I doubt they would have any ethical hesitancy behind it.

    Honestly, I imagine they may already have a deal (possibly under the table) with clearchannel and the likes.

  • Washington State Police Officer & Convicted Murderer Shows Off Tattoos His Lawyers Fought To Hide
  • So, what you are implying is that anyone who was ever affiliated with gang activity is a lost cause. And, who could never provide invaluable moral guidance to help improve a city in a much less aggressive, mentor-like capacity.

    Do you also think that the idea of reform while under lock up (where the majority of tattooing comes from) isn't possible? Maybe we should execute all criminals, right?

    Sounds like you've lived a very sheltered life and have no idea what really goes on, aside from what is on the news. Sometimes people get involved with gangs (incl. in incarceration) as it may be one of the only methods of survival available to them. You just can't judge by appearance alone.

    Oh, and heads up. The comment about tattoos was indeed what Maggoty mentioned, and about the generality of them, and not specifically about the guy from the OP.

  • Washington State Police Officer & Convicted Murderer Shows Off Tattoos His Lawyers Fought To Hide
  • There's actually a large portion of really good officers that are all tatted up. It all depends on the content, how they get presented, and how the person carries themselves.

    They could be from from the military and the officer is an experienced veteran. Law enforcement tends to be a common occupation after discharge, especially as they're usually immune to acorns.

    They could also be someone who grew up on the "wrong" side and eventually found their way out. Now, they want to improve their old stomping grounds and help other at-risk kids find their own path.

  • Dune rule
  • Must be why I think Dream Theater is better

  • Gould's wattled bat smiling for the camera
  • I don't trust that bat. It's up to something.

  • TF is wrong with people.
  • Cursed jenga?

  • Eminem serving food to customers at his Mom's Spaghetti restaurant, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan
  • If anyone's curious how it works, this chart can help shed some light

    While not really correct to use it in the way, (really only used for cousins) you could label your grandmother as your mother, once removed.

  • Hairs
  • From what I remember, they are supposed to be one of the leaders in the tech and are much less expensive than the western countries.

  • Some fashion assistance
  • It's her makeup and artifact correction making it look that way. It even gave her a bit of a squared jaw.

  • Murderous Intent
  • It could be...

    Most areas in the US have that as a building code violation for the safety issue of it. Usually, there's a "first" when any regulation regarding inherent safety is created.

  • “this cannot be real life!”
  • We could only wish

  • oh my gosh Car hits SUV in Biden’s motorcade during event in Delaware

    President Biden and the first lady were uninjured after a car crashed into an SUV that was part of the president’s motorcade while parked in downtown Wilmington, Del., on Sunday night. The pr…

    Car hits SUV in Biden’s motorcade during event in Delaware