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Intel is trucking a 916,000-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab, spawning road closures over nine days
  • Intel also works with local community colleges to offer semiconductor specific training to be a manufacturing technician, and it's not a huge jump to be a maintenance/repair tech or jump to IT within the fab and in my experience all those roles from technician to IT pay fairly good wages high 20's to mid 30's/hr and up depending on experience.

  • *drops shiny thing*
  • So we call a "flock" of crows a murder. Also, counting crows is a band and murder by numbers is a movie. The joke goes, the band name/concept of literally counting crows is just the movie/concept of murder "flock of crows" by....wait for it...numbers! Counting crows/flock of crows by numbers hardy har funny! I don't know if that helped or made it worse but there is no turning back now.