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Texas education leaders unveil Bible-infused elementary school curriculum
  • They prefer mandatory practical training in that regard ...

  • Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict
  • Exactly.

    He's a serial offender and the crimes he is most recently convicted for were so egregious and extensive they had to be partitioned into 34 charges.

  • Texas education leaders unveil Bible-infused elementary school curriculum
  • Nah, all schools in my home town are Ursuline schools with the one I went to named after Saint Amandina, who was an Ursuline nun, as she was from the part of town the founders of the school were from.

    These nuns have a nack for education and healthcare (a crapton of hospitals here are Amandina founded) and if I recall correctly, even founded some liberal arts schools in the US at some point.

    From what I understand from the nuns I've been in contact with through the years, they aren't as bookish as Jesuits, but are 100% behind the idea that "if you teach people the whole picture, they will eventually find God" as the sheer wonder of the universe to them can only mean their deity exists.

    Rather than the US Christian way of "indoctrinate to the level of making some people incapable of interacting with a modern society, so they have no choice but to believe whatever we believe".

  • Lauren Boebert 14 points behind Democrat opponent in Colorado poll
  • Does it happen often, other than by a presidential tier candidate, that one single representative tier politician makes multiple districts flip?

  • Texas education leaders unveil Bible-infused elementary school curriculum
  • That's how religious classes went in the Catholic school I went to.

    Had a legit Catholic priest as my teacher, he educated us in the history and beliefs of all major and quite a few minor religions (and some extinct ones) and not once told us any one of them was better than the other or we should chose Catholicism over anything else.

    It was mostly just History class but rather than "what happened" as the context, "what did people believe".

  • Andrew Tate loses appeal to relax judicial restrictions as he awaits human trafficking, rape trial
  • Behind bars and fingers crossed, without any way to use social media for the entire duration.

  • Is this actually credible??
  • It's an age old running "joke" they are gay and effeminate, hence the female looking person gobbling a sausage.

  • IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025
  • This is going to change so much for so many people, avoid lots of headaches too.

    Over here, online and automated tax returns have been a thing for over a decade.

    You can opt to get it on paper or online, but they supply you with a pre-filled return most people can usually directly file without a single alteration. And you don't even have to actually file the pre-filled return if it's complete, just ignore it and it is automatically regarded as filed.

    And if you have anything to add, on the website it's as simple as hitting some checkboxes for the appropriate tax codes (which all have extensive explanations and automated inclusion/exclusion rules so that if you check a specific box that also requires you to add other information, it won't file without adding the other information) and adding the numbers (if there's any specific numbers attached) and hit recalculate.

    Even my tech illiterate and phobic dad can work with it.

  • AfD fears losing voters over latest Russia and China spy scandals
  • I disagree.

    Nazi had principles and stood for something. Horrible somethings, but something.

    These fucks don't stand for anything, they want to stir up shit and when money starts talking to them, they are really quick to throw any espoused principles straight out a 5th floor window.

  • Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam, claims officials 'took my bags without consent'
  • No, it's not allowed through a city ordinance. It's still entirely illegal in all of the Netherlands.

    They just have a stance that they don't take action in most cases that are inside specific guidelines, which includes the open sale of weed in certain shops.

    If they wanted to arrest you for something that under gedogen is usually permitted, they still could.

    City ordinances exist here and in the Netherlands too, the difference is that a city ordinance makes something explicitly legal while in the area it covers, while in gedogen, the thing stays entirely illegal, the cops just will overlook most all cases unless it's something like Minaj did where she's hauling around a quantity larger than you would for personal use and trying to bring it across borders.

    If I go from Belgium to the Netherlands, I can smoke it up at a dutch coffeeshop all day long and even carry around a small quantity, it's illegal, but cops won't do anything about it.

    The moment I go from the Netherlands back to Belgium, I could get in trouble if I still have that weed with me.

    And that's within the EU, with open borders and free movement of EU citizens.

    The UK however no longer is part of the EU, so they are even more strict about taking drugs across borders with them.

  • Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam, claims officials 'took my bags without consent'
  • The issue isn't the weed, it's the quantity.

    They won't do anything for 5 grams which is obvious for personal use.

    She was purportedly caught with 30+ grams in her luggage.

    And weed is not legal in the Netherlands. It's under "gedogen" which means the sale and use at point of sale which are very specific types of shops and growing a quantity for personal use" and carrying on you a quantity for personal use (5 grams) are officially overlooked, while still illegal.

    Carrying around quantities that are more than would be for personal use while not being a permitted point of sale is still something you can get arrested for.

  • Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam, claims officials 'took my bags without consent'
  • Contrary to popular belief, weed is not legal in the Netherlands.

  • Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam, claims officials 'took my bags without consent'
  • I don't think she brought weed into Russia, think it was several vials of CBD oil.

  • Nicki Minaj arrested in Amsterdam, claims officials 'took my bags without consent'
  • I think it was when she boarding her flight from the Netherlands to UK.

  • “NATO is good with computers! WAAAAAAHHHHHH”
  • The ludicrous thing is that they say they are surrounding them with labs in neighboring countries. There's absolutely no reason to do that.

    It's the Internet, all you need is to use the connections that are there, from wherever the fuck you want in the world.

  • I USED to be cool... then they changed what cool was!
  • Don't fret. Discovering good music from before your own generation tends to happen in people's 30's and later. They start feeling detached from the "new" music, so start discovering music people from all generations loved and they will discover plenty of older music they then come to love.

    Do have to say that the current gen especially is more detached from the music of their parents than Millenials and older were, because often they had internet and their own phones on which they listened to their own music, rather than growing up often hearing their parents music.

    My mom was in a rock cover band that covered the 60's-80's and my dad was in both a brass band and orchestra, through them I got in touch with classic rock and the roots of metal pretty early on and learned my fair share of classical music.

    My sisters kids have no clue about any music but what they share with their peers.

  • 2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • Not even one of those points will accelerate Linux adoption to being with a decade of the snowballing level at which point it could Dethrone Windows.

    You been drinking some absinthe or smoking the ganja-weed?

    Or just straight up snorting Flakka

  • How do you make Linux more popular?
  • Might we considered there may be a tiny difference in scope between an OS and an app like Armory Crate.

  • You know Mastodon is going to be big when ...