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  • We are already better than the nazis and alt right by huge margins but let it not stop us from improvement.

    You can’t just sit there all content looking at poop and think how much better you are than this poop. You need to develop, constantly. Read classic masters, poetry, political manifestos. Refine your music taste. Improve your artistic skill. Languages perhaps however better is to learn culture and language. History of course.

    Social skills also are very high priority, maybe the highest. Art of speech, gaining sympathy and leadership.
    Nothing else matters if you cannot convince other people that you are worth listening to.

    Perfect physical condition for sufficient oxygen nourishment of the brain. Antioxidants. And now, now you are competent enough to vote.

    It is not easy and perfection is impossible but the strive is what matters. The act of being on this never-ending path is a destination itself.

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  • Just do your thing and forget about them. They are like Neanderthals and destined to go extinct.

    We should strive to be the Übermensch. do not mistake this for nazis propaganda. I am talking about the original goat Nietzsche not the Hitler’s gross take and misunderstandings of his philosophy.

    Those who educate themselves and keep their mental and physical ability in proper shape will ultimately prevail, while the ignorant will be left to repeat past mistakes in a never-ending cycle.

    God is dead and mindless scrolling isn’t an answer. It is just a drug to not let you see the dark truths walled off and hidden in your mind. Until you face them you merely live an illusion. Be brave and take life raw with all it’s pain and while it won’t be pleasurable, it will be real.

  • YouTube is experimenting with server-side ads
  • Well enjoy your shitty lowest yt entertainment then that does nothing to advance you as a person. Only TikTok is lower.

    Lemmy isn’t like very higher up but at least it is an independent pirate community. Also I fully expect some interesting people with interesting ideas will and do come up here once in a blue moon besides all the news angry comments and memes.

    I am not also saying that yt is ‘bad’ thing to enjoy but that TikTokers and YouTubers are easily replaceable and represent no intristic value besides few niche ones that do it mostly for free or on alternative platforms anyway.

    Of course there is also a matter of participation in contemporary ‘culture’ to fit better and not sound like total nerd and for social leverage. Being seen as one of the herd same as others is very, very important in society. Likeability stat needs to be high to thrive. Ability of others to relate to you easily.

    So some TikTok, YouTube is unavoidable from pragmatic viewpoint and we can learn to enjoy it if we have to be familiar with it anyway.

    It can be a part of balanced diet but cannot make up the majority of your total consumption time or you will deteriorate to some regressive digital monkey. We need to consume higher, more nutritious forms of entertainment from time to time so our brains can stave off dementia.

    My grandma used to read a lot but her eyesight worsened and she started to only watch tv. It went pretty fast afterwards. It’s unhygienic to your brain to consume TikTok in big quantities.

    The most nutritious and highest form of entertainment is creation. Coding, music, images, handicraft. As nourishing for brain as it is for the soul.

    The lowest well probably jerking off pure chemical supply or maybe even lower drugs like meth that wouldn’t be even inherently bad if not the unavoidable addiction. YouTube and TikTok are still somewhere higher but honestly they are also habit and addiction forming which sucks the time out of your life for something that is pure dopamine nourishment and does not enrich you as a person.

  • Brushed [Perry Bible Fellowship]
  • I meet someone once that made a point to never cut their armpit bush for some reason. I don’t know they seemed to treat it like some ideological mission… it was weird but like as long as you don’t stink?? I guess you gotta buy armpit shampoo or smh

    I think that laser hair removal is sane and modern way to deal with this stinky stuff

  • YouTube is experimenting with server-side ads
  • Listen, I don’t think we would lose anything of value if YouTube suddenly stopped paying creators because of either end of the platform or change in business strategy.

    People who made valuable videos would still make them and the rest was always just cheap lowest grade entertainment, fun but like no one will notice if it is gone and forget in 2 days it ever existed.

    Even Netflix would not be a huge loss let alone YouTube clips. Truth is Netflix tv series are nowhere near artistic and cultural value of movies like Peter Jackson lotr etc.. it’s just another form of cognitive McDonald.

    If whole McDonald went bankrupt overnight we would be ‘oh well shame let’s go to McBurger’ and forget it ever existed in few days. If an extremely good and cozy local restaurant closed down we would mourn it for months. I even mourn loss of quality in such restaurants a year after opening which is unfortunately common… it’s so sad to order your favourite state of the art food and realize it is a far cry from the perfection of the original dish. It’s lost, forever possibly. It’s like suddenly someone erased Beethoven from existence.

  • What would you do with your time if you didn't have to work to meet your food, housing, and healthcare needs?
  • I am in this situation and it perfectly equalizes with transness/nonbinariness to neutral privilege

    At one of my lowest points I wasn’t going out of the house for months except just to throw the trash out because of severe social anxiety.

    If I had to work on top of that stuff I think id be gone really fast. I just treat it all like the social welfare I need and try to improve the whole situation with tiny steps. Lucky in unlucky situation is like my life motto

  • Adults and teens pick dumbphones to curb social media addiction
  • I only use Lemmy with turned off scores and it still is somewhat above just a habit. It really makes wonders for being not addicted though when you don’t see if someone gives you points/likes or not. That was always what fucked with my brain the most and for me it is a single thing that changes addiction to just a habit.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • It probably won’t flood the market as property/land is sort of like gold. Renting it is just extra money on top of land value rise. It only gets rarer. (In desirable locations)

    The problem is basic. Everyone wants to live at A but A has finite amount of space. This is the core theme of property gold. Renting is just double dipping

    The solution is complex. It isn’t to expand A but to make B equally attractive. If the small area in city was not the ultimate goal of whole country the price boom would rapidly crash overnight.

    What is priced isn’t property but dreams and aspirations, prestige, bright future in the city of opportunity. Even love in a way because good luck finding someone in some rural mud hut.

    Hence the inaction of government to invest in the rural areas adds to the housing bubble. And of course capitalism itself prays on individuality at the cost of community. Me get rich in the city vs Build community and improve what is around me for me and others. The second is not advisable to anyone to even attempt.

    Everything is fuelled into those few acres of asphalt and concrete. The impossibly hot focus point of the nation.
    So incredibly fierce that you can die out of heat even during winter. The speed limits on the arteries are rather minimums than maximum as the circulation of wealth cannot tolerate stopping for even the 20 seconds of red light. Every crossing is a race starting line but there is no end. Furious engines roar jolting towards the success.
    The night is day and the day is madness.

  • Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?
  • Some classes were more… normal than others ours was possibly the worst. They figured out it would be a fun idea to put delinquent misfits and mildly intellectually challenged and like 3 average students together into one class and call it integration or smh.

    It went about as well as any sane person could expect. The troubled ones terrorised the hell out of the challenged ones. It was like fallout vault experiment.

    This class sucked so much that they tried to enroll me into some math competition contest because no one else could do basic stuff or gave a fuck.

  • Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?
  • I mean I remember doing this as far as I can remember even before the World Wide Web. Funnily I got little healthier when I discovered Reddit.

    My real life teenage company was definitely this of depressed rebellion sinking in litres of vodka and drugs every other day.

    Reddit made me see better people than the shit company of assholes and total cunts from this eastern block post soviet brutalist architecture neighbourhood.

    This is how my primary and middle school looked like

    Does that look like a fucking happy place?