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Male birth control breakthrough safely switches off fit sperm for a while
  • Nobody here seens to have answered it so:

    The pull-out "method" is when a person pulls their penis out of a vagina before they ejaculate. It's not effective because you can't be sure you've timed it right and some sperm can still escape before ejacualtion. It's a shitty "method". Don't use it like the idiot above.

  • We Disagree Emerald
    Pencils and olives are ugly

    they just aren't aesthetically pleasing

    Putting on your seatbelt and not using your phone while driving is now considered a "challenge"?

    WisDOT challenges Wisconsin to put safety first by taking the two most important actions to prevent or survive a crash. Accept the Buckle Up Phone Down challenge.

    1. Use your seat belt every trip and put down the phone when driving.

    2. Take the Buckle Up Phone Down pledge.

    3. Share your commitment by taking a “thumbs up/thumbs down” photo. Post it to social media using the hashtag #BuckleUpPhoneDown.

    We Disagree Emerald
    Ticonderoga are the best non-mechanical pencils and olives are trash except for olive oil
    Best web development documentation

    If you are looking at MDN Web docs and you are confused, look at w3schools.

    If you are looking at w3schools and you are confused, look at MDN Web docs.

    Repeat as many times as needed

    We Disagree Emerald
    Olives do not taste very good and pencils are good writing utensils
    We Disagree Emerald
    Posting about olives and pencils on Lemmy's wedisagree community should be more accepted in society
    We Disagree Emerald
    Olives are better than pencils at noon on Friday
    We Disagree Emerald
    A hot dog is a sandwich
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