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Can steam link run with guest aspect ratio / resolution
  • Yea! It’s just an hdmi plug with no cable that makes your machine think that a monitor is plugged in. They are about $5-$10 online. You can set it to whatever resolution that you want so when you turn your main monitor off, this dummy monitor is still “on” and it will be what gets used when you start streaming to another device. There are ways to automatically switch to this dummy monitor and turn off all other monitors when you connect to stream and set everything back when you disconnect but I haven’t messed with that yet.

  • Can steam link run with guest aspect ratio / resolution
  • Another option may be to try using a dummy plug to fake a monitor with whatever resolution and aspect ratio you need. There are scripts that work with the sunshine/moonlight combo already listed that will switch your primary to the dummy plug when connected and switch back on disconnect.

  • Helldivers 2 has now received 84,000 negative reviews in the past day.
  • The game had a requirement to link your PlayStation Network account to your steam account but it has been disabled due to server issues. Now Sony wants the dev to enforce that and people feel like they have been bait and switched. Another issue is that many people who have already bought the game live in areas of the world where Playstation Network is unsupported so they couldn’t link an account if they wanted to.

  • AMD confirms Radeon GPU sales have nosedived
  • I picked up the 7900GRE for $550 and have been pretty happy with it. I don’t have much of a reference because I came from a GTX 1080 but even then the 7900xt and xtx didn’t seem worth it. I actually went for a 7800xt at $500 but I figured 10% more price for 10% more performance was worth it to me since I plan to keep it for awhile.

  • Did not see that coming
  • I really like this one but it just doesn’t have enough ammo. It’s really frustrating when it dumps everything it has into an armored enemy also. It would be nice to have the ability to prioritize small or medium enemies.

  • I'm shocked how much the Appstore sucks in 2024
  • Auto export is locked behind the ultra subscription at $3/mo or $30/year. I’m not against subscriptions or anything, I just don’t think the feature is worth that price. I don’t want their cloud storage and whatever else comes with the ultra tier.

  • I'm shocked how much the Appstore sucks in 2024
  • This is crazy timing because I just had the mirror experience while trying to find a scanner app for an android phone I wanted to use around the house as a smart home remote. The play store was a dumpster fire. I bought the Quick Scan app (Dev is iSolid) on iOS and was willing to pay good money for one on the Android phone too, but every single scanner app on Android had ridiculous subscriptions. A few were $20 a month!

  • I'm shocked how much the Appstore sucks in 2024
  • I happily paid for this. I use it to automatically export to my paperless consume folder on my nas. I have a widget on my home screen that brings me straight into a scan and auto exports after. It’s fast, clean and works really well.

  • From Windows to about 6 recommended distros for gaming.
  • Nobara was my first attempt at leaving windows for good and it was great until it wasn’t. I went a few months without ever booting windows but started having issues when I bought a new gpu. I went from Nvidia to AMD and everything I read online said you just install the AMD gpu, nothing else needed to be done. Every game I tried to play and would crash within 20 minutes every single time. I eventually got so frustrated that I just booted windows, ran DDU, downloaded adrenaline and I was up and running. After I got settled in, I nuked nobara and installed bazzite and haven’t had a single issue since.

  • Just switched back to Linux
  • I went through Ubuntu, PopOS, and Nobara before I landed on Bazzite and so far it’s been the one that just works for me. I love all the built in tools like cooler control and the fact that I can just roll it back on boot if I mess something up. The only thing I’m missing so far is that I was using the Barrier app to control my work pc during the day but it doesn’t work on Wayland. I also just made the switch to an AMD gpu and I really like the adrenaline software on windows.

  • YSK : Dark patterns among large companies are becoming more mainstream
  • Same. It’s simple and straightforward and I think it only asked me if I wanted to pay for their extra service 1 time. I’m not sure if it’s income based but it didn’t cost us anything to do a federal return.

  • I just can't quit you
  • I didn’t get to try the eruptor on bots yet but it jams on bugs as long as you have a backup like stalwart or rover. It can close bug holes, 1 hit mediums (stalkers included) and the shrapnel spreads well enough that I was regularly getting 5-10 kills when firing into crowds.

  • Microsoft won't update your Windows 11 PC if it has these apps
  • I use Linux for everything else. The question was “Why do you still use windows?” The answer is because autodesk has no support for Linux. I never blamed Linux for this and your entire post feels like you are responding to a made up position.