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It happens.
  • Man saaaaaaame. I used to look forward to going out to eat with friends. While I'm very glad I made the change, and would do it again, I do kinda mourn the ability to go out without researching the spot ahead of time.

  • Review: Framework’s Laptop 16 is unique, laudable, fascinating, and flawed
  • This review is so short slighted, and seems to miss the actual point of owning a framework laptop.

    I feel like laptop reviewers, who go through dozens of laptops in a year to test new models, are inherently the wrong audience for something that isn't meant to be top of the line horsepower and sleek. No shade to them, I get the desire to have a 3lbs slim device that can video edit on the lap on a subway or whatever, but this thing is big and bulky so that parts are easier to access and nothing is soldered down. It's basically perfect for me as long as it runs.