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  • This happened today and this image already looks like it's been reposted for over a decade

  • Melted
  • Truth
  • I think they interpreted your 57.5 audio streams as a bad thing

  • keyboard defender
  • Now cats can't bother him while he looks at pictures of cats

  • Chips
  • I fought that thing in Pikmin

  • Anon thinks about Google
  • Proton Mail

  • Does Info Flow sound like Audit the Audit?
  • I knew Audit the Audit wasn't narrated by the channel owner (anymore) so I looked through the comments of the first video with Baldwin and found mention of his name.

    And yeah, for Info Flow, I'm assuming based on the sound of his voice. I hadn't heard of that channel until now

  • Does Info Flow sound like Audit the Audit?
  • They're both narrated by Andrew Baldwin

  • They never turn back
  • 95 moons now, and counting

  • Chrome: 72 hours to update or delete your browser.
  • I'm using tilt controls!

  • *denim intensifies*
  • Republicans hate this

  • Traffic rule
  • They never pass the ball, they don't want to play defense, and they take five steps on every lay-up to the hoop

  • Wizord the Wizard Robot by Voidomon
  • Looks like a Reaverbot from Megaman Legends

  • This little guy and his frog friend decided to go for a swim in the pool.
  • I like that you specified it was the deep end, as if the mouse would stand more of a chance in 4ft of water as opposed to 6ft

    Edit: i suppose you're probably mentioning it for the proximity to the stairs but this is funnier

  • unleashed the rules upon you
  • They're taiko drum characters from Taiko no Tatsujin

  • O Pug Of The Railroad
  • I don't know if i should take wisdom from someone standing in the middle of the railroad

    Username checks out though

  • Old Orc very lucky
  • Me not that kind of orc!