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iFixit: We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration
  • Agreed, recently had to switch to an iPhone 6s as my other phone broke. I think I might stay mainly because of the size and comfort of use

  • iFixit: We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration
  • Screen is too large for me, would be nice to see a small Fairphone

  • how to stop vim
  • But it’s already posted on 196

  • Amer(ule)ica
  • That pistol looks like a repainted Skippy from Cyberpunk 2077

  • Any tips on installing old NFS games, and what's you favorite one?
  • You can just add them to Steam as a third-party game and select Proton as a compatibility tool. Regarding NFS ProStreet, 1.1 cracked version doesn’t work on Wine/Proton, for whatever reason

  • [Feature Request] Vote for a Proton VPN App for Ubuntu Touch on ProtonMail’s UserVoice Forum
  • I’d rather get a proper desktop Linux GUI, as it is on Windows

  • Get your old black powder bombs ready
  • Or in the cartoon world, this part can and will move soon

  • steam rule
  • In case of no corrupted files Steam will say "All files have been verified successfully" or something similar. My message is strictly for found corrupted files

  • steam rule

    ALT: Screenshot of Steam's "Verify file integrity" menu showing a message "0 files failed to validate and will be reacquired.".

    Wayland usage has overtaken X11
  • +1, I have huge issues with Electron apps running on native Wayland. Fractional scaling doesn’t work, when I maximise an app it’s not covering my whole screen, same happens when manually resizing windows. What’s worse some apps do scale button positions, ex. native Discord, so when I click a button, something else to the left gets clicked. XWayland works fine though

  • Wayland usage has overtaken X11
  • On launch Steam Deck had it’s desktop/Plasma session set to X11, hence my question

  • Wayland usage has overtaken X11
  • Wait Steam Deck now runs Desktop mode in Wayland?

  • PSA: A website called SteamHistory enables stalkers through Steam mass data harvesting. Here's how stalkers found me despite creating a new, private, anonymous account.
  • They have to comply with GDPR as their website is accessible from EU countries, as long as they have data to identify a specific EU citizen.

    So in theory, if you're from EU you could put your name and surname on your Steam profile, have it archived and then file a GDPR request to have all of your data removed

  • SteamVR 2.5 released with multiple Linux fixes
  • "Fixed random colors appearing at the periphery of the right eye's viewable area." Finally, nice to see long-term bugs being addressed. Still waiting for reprojection fixes, after those I think I'll finally be able to ditch Windows

  • rulclipse

    Screenshot featuring two posts, one with the eclipse and other with a political figure, with them pointing exactly at the eclipse from the first post

    Fixed rule

    Image containing text "this person is a slut" with a finger pointing at the viewer

    First time seeing Devs respond to a lack of anti-cheat support on Linux

    Link to the response:

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