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"How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • I'm pretty sure active shooter drills have been ongoing for over a decade at some schools at this point. There was a whole thing a few years ago about schools "putting litter boxes in classrooms for kids that identify as cats" that conservatives were freaking out about where it turned out that the schools had cat litter in classroom survival kits. They sell Kevlar backpacks for kids.

    This country has been screwed for decades now.

  • Adults and teens pick dumbphones to curb social media addiction
  • Because social media exploits the same mental addiction as gambling, "retail therapy," and adrenaline and exercise addiction. You may as well tell a caffeine addict to just stop drinking coffee every morning and cut chocolate out of their diet.

    This is something that people who have never experienced mental health issues like addiction struggle to grasp because they've never had the wiring in their brain used against them by companies like this. It takes immense willpower to fight against the physical makeup of your brain and not fall to the temptation of reinstalling social media for the endorphins.

  • Adults and teens pick dumbphones to curb social media addiction
  • But they are still readily available, despite the extra step. All it takes is one bored day to hit download in the app store and be doom scrolling again. It would be like if you didn't have the supplies on you, but you drove by your dealer's house every day on your commute (or had his number in your contacts). Every time you look at your phone, you know the option is right there and have to fight that temptation.

    Another example would be having alcohol in a locked cabinet. Sure, it's locked up, but if you have the key in your pocket, the people that it's going to stop are the people with a strong will anyways.

    The people who really need the help are just going to end up in a cycle of uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook over and over again because that option is right there in your hand every single day.

  • Saw this and thought it was fake until I googled. It's real.
  • I think it boils down to the whole "we learn by doing" thing that's at the heart of a lot of play. And especially for kids, imitating what you see the adults in your life do all the time holds some mystique and new-ness that makes boring tasks seem like exciting activities. To us, filing taxes and loading the washing machine are repetitive tasks we do out of necessity, but to kids, it's a "grown-up thing" to be able to do.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • That's what I was thinking. Deep fakes have existed since photo manipulation was invented, and Adobe hasn't cared one iota about it before. The only reason I can see for them to care now is if they think they can get in legal trouble for what people create with their products.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • That's what I was thinking. Apart from the porn locked up in the Disney vault, big companies aren't in the business of making porn. And the companies that do aren't going to be interested in deep fakes. The people who are using Photoshop to create porn are small fries to Adobe. Deep fake porn has been around as long as photo manipulation has, and Adobe hasn't cared before.

    Bearing that in mind, I don't think this policy has anything to do with AI deep fakes or porn. I think it's more likely to be some new revenue source, like farming data for LLM training or something. They could go the Tumblr route and use AI to censor content, but considering Tumblr couldn't tell the difference between the Sahara Desert and boobs, I think that's one fuck up with a major company away from being litigation hell. The only reason that I think would make sense for Adobe to do this because of deep fakes is if they believe that governments are going to start holding them liable for the content people make with their products.

  • One in three Republicans now think Donald Trump was wrong candidate choice
  • But would it even make a difference? The Republicans haven't won the vote in about 2 decades, and in 2016, the Supreme Court said that the Electoral College doesn't have to vote the way that the voters that they represent voted when multiple representatives said that they were going to cast their votes for Trump despite Hillary winning the state.

  • One in three Republicans now think Donald Trump was wrong candidate choice
  • Democrats have been funding the most extremist and crazy of their opponents in political races for years now because it's a lot easier to run on the policy of "At least I'm not that guy" than it is to actually convince people to vote for you based on your policies and agenda. Hell, some lady wrote a book about how she did it to win a seat, only to lose to that same guy in the very next election.

    It's one of the oldest and most effective campaign strategies there is, but it keeps biting Democrats in the ass and they keep trying it anyways. Democrats seem to think that moderate Republicans will vote for them over the extremist candidate, but Republicans don't care about who the candidate is so long as they're a Republican.

  • Reference rule
  • I agree, you shouldn't expect people to understand every reference you make. My statement was more about how the quote in the pic and, to a much lesser extent, the comment above both seem to view being introduced to a new thing by someone you like as sort of a bad thing. The quote in the photo especially is a red flag of not caring about the things the people you care about are into.

    Obviously not everybody is going to be familiar with the same media as you. But if somebody gets upset with you because you quoted a joke from a source that they're unfamiliar with, that's on them, not you.

  • Reference rule
  • I mean, how is it any different than referencing movies, music, TV shows, stand-up comedy, or any other piece of pop culture?

    Would referencing a movie somebody hasn't seen before make you terminally in-theater or something? Though, having said that, I am now going to take every opportunity I can to work the phrase "terminally in-theater" into my daily life anytime somebody mentions a Marvel movie or something.

  • Global sales of polluting SUVs hit record high in 2023, data shows | Half of all new cars are now SUVs, making them a major cause of the intensifying climate crisis, say experts
  • The biggest container ships produce more emissions than every car on the planet. Granted, I think there's at most a half dozen of those in operation, but that's still 6x more than every car on Earth.

    I remember hearing that during COVID lockdowns the first year, an estimated 50% of cars were off the road and total annual emissions dropped 2%.

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • They're not threatened by its potential. They, like artists, are threatened by management who think that LLMs are good enough today to replace part or all of their staff.

    There was a story from earlier this year of a company that owns 12-15 different gaming news outlets who fired about 80% of their writing staff and journalists - replacing 100% of their staff at the majority of the outlets with LLMs and leaving a skeleton crew at the rest.

    What you're seeing isn't some slant trying to discredit LLMs. It's the results of management who are using them wrong.

  • Choice paralysis
  • I keep meaning to buy some of those like $5 bags of 100 stickers or whatever that you can find online for this reason. I love the aesthetic of something like a phone or a laptop covered in stickers, but I don't like the idea of losing one I care about, like you. So I figure if I just get a bunch without selectively choosing them, there's likely to be a number that I don't really care about and therefore won't be worried about losing that I can use to fill the majority of that sticker space with.

  • How rude!
  • It's been forever since I saw this format, but I think the way it works is that mygayshoes submitted the story to aerodesy originally, and llamas-and-pancakes reblogged it from chicken-kiev.

    And that was probably the weirdest sentence I'll write all year.

  • Fred Mobster
  • Isn't this exactly what happened to Toys R Us as well? Bought up by a hedge fund, saddled with millions of dollars of debt to funnel its value to the hedge fund, then bankrupted and sold off for a pittance, laundering all the profit and wiping the debt away like it was never there. All while putting tons of people out of work.