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Trump-Lover Elon Musk Is Already Causing Kamala Harris Problems
  • Elon is being on brand? Shocker! He's always been an insecure pissy little baby. I hope there's some legal action he might be threatened with. No matter how small. Because he's just starting.

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • Hardly. Neither did the op. There's a difference between ML and Stalinist just like the difference between liberals and fascists. The one thing I can say for liberals that I can't for ML. Is that while many of them get very defensive and disagree vehemently. Surprisingly not one of them has banned me claiming horse shoe theory BS. For pointing out the simple fact that authoritarians are authoritarian before anything else.

  • US Secret Service director admits it 'failed' in mission to protect Donald Trump
  • In their defense, he's been damaged his whole life.

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • Yes, but not hierarchy for hierarchies sake. Organization via consent is fine and encouraged. The problem is when it's done by force in an attempt to justify the hierarchy.

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • Slim difference, though it is a difference. And they aren't fascists. We have a word that accurately describes both though. Authoritarian. And yes, it doesn't matter where you derive your "authority" from. Authoritarianism is always wrong.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • Liberal hence Libertarianism is definitialy a shortening of Economic Liberal. What you're quoting is the colloquial/slang/propaganda definition. Modern "liberals" are absolutely better than classic liberals. Simply by virtue of their tepid support for social safety nets. That isn't their failing. Their failing is that despite being "liberals" they're still, and more importantly more committed to economic liberalism than they are social investment. And as such, eager to reach across the aisle to normalize and work with bigots, proto fascists, and full fledged fascists. Just to appear bipartisan.

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • To be fair though. It's not something anyone needs to be authoritative on. It's an observation even a five year old could make. Though I don't know if that makes it better or worse. LOL

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • It's all they have! How dare you take their only argument from them! /s

    You are 100% right though. It's a ham fisted deflection technique. I will defend them from people outright calling them fascists. Because there is a difference. But they are both authoritarian and in the end do a lot of the same things. Which should be discouraged no matter their intentions.

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • Yep everyone that disagrees with you is just a liberal. It couldn't be that many different ideologies disagree with you.

    Even if you still somehow mistakenly think that Marxist leninism is a valid and worthwhile ideology to pursue. After it's been disproven so many ways. (As liberalism also has) Feeling the need to defend those who lack even more critical thinking skills like tankies. Will always make people still think less of you.

  • At the end of the day, they're a lot similar than they'd like to admit
  • You mean to tell me authoritarians gonna authoritarian?

  • In the 10 states that didn't expand Medicaid, 1.6M can't afford health insurance
  • And let me guess. Those 10 states are run by republicans. And the people blame Democrats. Because that makes no f****** sense so of course they would.

  • To halt Brazil’s decline, Lula needs to cut runaway public spending
  • Well if you listen to the fascists crowing about the successes in Argentina. The cost of Transport there has gone up drastically making everything more expensive. But housing costs have gone down on the positive side. Because people are struggling to afford to eat, housing is somewhat of a secondary concern. But the cost came down so that is somehow a win. So of course they want Brazil to make the same mistakes.

  • How Javier Milei Is Battling the Worst Tax of All—Inflation
    1. If Marxist leninism was a form of communism. It's awfully odd that the goal of marxist leninism is to build up the economy and Society to the point where they can transition to Communism. You never provided a source making your point. it's just another baseless claim from someone arguing disingenuously.

    2. That book is plenty controversial and not a well-regarded or authoritative source. If you really want to get that Technical and Out In The Weeds about everything America is pretty much just as bad. That doesn't make either one right. But it just means that you're reaching really hard to make a disingenuous point.

    3. Everything I posted can be cited and is factual/logical. You simply have no response to it. And are behaving disingenuously as conservatives and fascist do.

    4. An opinion piece is an opinion. Not a fact.

    5. For someone with so many strong opinions you sure have a very few objective facts.

  • How Javier Milei Is Battling the Worst Tax of All—Inflation
    1. Then prove it.

    2. China/Russia/N Korea/Cuba aren't communists. They're Marxist Leninist.

    3. Our current inflation is due in large part to Trump's unforced errors and botched handling of covid. a. Destroying the advance alert team before the pandemic b. Failing to listen to the experts and let them just make him look good. c. Even when he manages to do something right/good. Like rushing a vaccine through development. He's so incompetent and goldfish brained. He turned you, his own cult, against the vaccine he ordered.

    4. That is why no one takes you seriously and treats you like a joke.

  • How Javier Milei Is Battling the Worst Tax of All—Inflation
    1. You don't need to tell people you are american. It's readily apparent from your lack of knowledge about politics.

    2. That again isn't objectively true.

    3. Marxist Leninism didn't kill more than the Nazis. That's an absurd claim. They did kill millions still.

    4. Marxist Leninism isn't communism.

    5. Trump will be making bad decisions AGAIN and causing inflation like he objectively did previously. Trump is a sun downing narcicist, objectively convinced rapist and con man, with no actual principles or understanding. Who will focus on what will benefit him personally, not the average person. Or try to win the favor of the wealthy and powerful. Which he has tried and failed to do repeatedly his entire life. Which again, will not negatively impact inflation, or help the average person.

  • How Javier Milei Is Battling the Worst Tax of All—Inflation
    1. Objectively he didn't. Just because you do not like or personally benefit from a government program. Does not make it needless. Far from it.

    2. That isn't in any way the opposite of communism.

  • How Javier Milei Is Battling the Worst Tax of All—Inflation
  • Wait he's actually gone socialist? Last I knew he was an economic liberal. That's quite a transition. Inflation is an indelible persistent feature under any Market economy. Especially capitalism.

  • NEW RELEASE: Monolith (Official Video) by Twin Tribes #postpunk #goth

    A fresh single and video off their upcoming third album Pendulum. I can't recommend this Duo from Texas enough. Their previous albums have been extremely solid for me.


    NEW VIDEO/SINGLE: Every Day is Halloween by Creature Feature #postpunk #darkwave #goth

    The greatest show unearthed returns with a brand new single perfectly timed for the season. But who are we kidding. Every day is Halloween.


    NEW VIDEO: Into the Sun by 2Libras #postpunk #darkwave

    The third single off the Seattle Duos debut release. I'm definitely enjoying their sound so far be sure to check out the rest of their content on Bandcamp.


    NEW VIDEO: Midnight Mystery by Dräger #postpunk #synthpop

    A fresh video Single off his upcoming 2024 sophomore release Delusions of Grandeur.


    NEW SINGLE: I Guess by Never Knows Best

    > Cameron Dunbar formed Never Knows Best out of the ashes of his previous solo project, The Blinking Lights. Inspired by classic acts such as: Joy Division, The Cure, and Depeche Mode, as well as modern outfits like Chvrches, and Cold Cave, Dunbar set out to reimagine his sound with an eclectic mix of synthesizers, electronic drum beats, and distorted guitars.


    NEW VIDEO: Closer by Ruebi

    Ruebi Walter, Hamburg fixture who with his brother Reinhold both with connections to iconic post-punk band Pink Turns Blue. Just dropped a brand new video for his track Closer.


    NEW VIDEO: KVB remix of An Idea Of Guilt by Hello Pity #postpunk #darkwave

    A fresh new music video release on YouTube for the KVB's remix of An Idea Of Guilt. Be sure to check both there and Hello Pity's back catalog on bandcamp.


    NEW RELEASE: Tilting at Windmills by Tilting at Windmills #postpunk #poppunk #alternative


    Actually this came out on the fourth. But I'd like this album even if for nothing more than the cover art. Dropping acid and hanging out with muppets. #lifegoals


    NEW ALBUM: Finite Jest by Charm School #postpunk #nowave


    Oi seems someone was a cheeky boy. And put it up live too early. The page is gone for the moment. But should be back Friday. Definitely a good punk vibe on this debut album be sure to check it out.


    NEW EP: Texture Freq - Masochistic Episode #garagerock #postpunk #noiserock 12xu (@[email protected])

    Texture Freq - Masochistic Episode #GaragePunk #NoiseRock #PostPunk #Postcore #Records

    12xu (

    Quick boost of 12XU. And Groschi's synopsis up on his music blog. Be sure to check him out and follow on mastodon. And check out some of the other content he posts.


    NEW SINGLE: Slowdive - skin in the game (Official Visualizer) #postpunk #shoegaze

    From the upcoming album "Everything is Alive" set to come out September 1st. Preorder here if you are so inclined.


    NEW VIDEO: Princess Ugly - Break Every Room (Official Video) #postpunk #ebm #goth

    Nice new video From Portland's Princess Ugly. With a dark heavy goth vibe. Lots more to find and listen to up on their BandCamp page.


    NEW VIDEO: Lathe Of Heaven - Ekpyrosis (Official Video) #punk #postpunk #newwave

    Brand new video By Lathe Of Heaven out of NYC. With a new album Bound by Naked Skies out September 1st 2023.


    Games Without Frontiers: When Peter Gabriel Went Political I New British Canon

    Trash Theory just put out a new video essay on Peter Gabriel who's plenty post punk adjacent. If you haven't seen their videos before. They're absolutely worth a look. Covering a lot of post punk related artists and much more.


    NEW VIDEO: What About Never by Lobsterbomb #postpunk #newwave

    Brand new music video release from the Berlin trio Lobsterbomb. And as usual you can find more from them on Bandcamp.


    NEW VIDEO: Dissolution by Ask The Dust #postpunk #darkwave

    Brand new video for the song Dissolution by the Italian darkwave group Ask The Dust.


    NEW EP RELEASE: absent points of view by Jeezel Petes #postpunk #artpunk

    Find it now along with the rest of their catalog up on Bandcamp.


    NEW VIDEO: The Skin and the glove by Drab Majesty #postpunk

    A brand new music video release by Drab Majesty up on YouTube. And be sure to check out their discography on Bandcamp. I can't recommend this group strongly enough.


    NEW RELEASE: Cities in Dust, cover by Night Club #darkwave #postpunk

    A brand new single from Mark and Emily. A cover of Siouxie and the Banshees classic cities in dust. Be sure to check out their BandCamp. These two have definitely been one of my favorite darkwave duos of recent years. One of those rare groups where I can listen to pretty much their whole discography on loop. Even their sound track for the short-lived show Moonbeam City was excellent. As well as a fun track on the first Deadpool soundtrack.


    Dreams In Red, by LONGINGS #postpunk

    Sophomore release out of Amherst Mass. Like what I've heard so far. Will have to finish listening through the album soon.