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Anybody watching Resident Alien?
  • Now you're just dodging the question.

  • Anybody watching Resident Alien?
  • It's a science fiction situational comedy. How could it possibly avoid being contrived? All sitcoms are contrived. All scifi is contrived.

  • How to make an old USB brother laser printer wireless?
  • CUPS is probably the print server you're thinking of.

  • Phishy
  • My company sends out these kids of phishing scam test emails too. They were actually pretty decently faked. But, they use the same identifying string in the header of each and every one, so I made an outlook rule to quarantine them In a particular folder so that I could correctly report all of them. Occasionally I report the weird legitimate email surveys we get from HR too and mass emails from IT with bad spelling, just so they don't get suspicious of my perfect record.

  • das bagel
  • You're either responding to the wrong comment. Can't read. Or you think straw man arguments are valid.

    I never said either was better, just that's it's foolish to confuse or compare the two.

  • das bagel
  • If your bagel is dry and you can't distinguish it from normal bread, you've never actually had a real bagel.

  • das bagel
  • Tell me you've never had a decent bagel without telling me you've never had a decent bagel. A bagel is not a roll.

    I never said either was better, just different.

  • Does anyone have any instructables or ideas on how to make my car sound like a Tie Fighter as I drive around?
  • My head cannon is that TIE fighters don't make sound exactly as they zip around, but they do something to the electromagnetic fields or some other techno babble thing that causes other things, like droids, space ships, rocks, or skulls to scream with a Doppler effect like that as they zip by.

  • would you do this?
  • Browse the wikis a bit and find a doctor you like. Watch some episodes from that Doctor until you're bored. Repeat. You can watch them in any order you like.

    Starting with the 2005 reboot is probably easiest and most accessible. Watch for callbacks to previous adventures. If those stories sound interesting dive into the back story.

    Everybody has their favorite Doctor. Some like the leather clad skinhead. Some like the guy with the scarf and the Jelly Babies. Some weirdos like the guy with the celery stalk in his pocket. My favorite is the first Doctor. He's in black and white, he's witty, he's grumpy and sometimes mean, and he lies. If you want to know about the origins of the Daleks you'll need to find his episodes. The library is probably the best place to find these. I think there is always Doctor Who streaming or being broadcast somewhere at practically all times. I'm pretty sure I can search for Doctor Who on Plex and find some random episode streaming at any time.

    As others have mentioned, several large chunks of the original series are missing, so be prepared for that disappointment.

  • Privacy Focused DNA test
  • There is almost certainly a way to do it which a focus on privacy. That's just a technical problem. But nobody's going to profit from it so it will never be developed.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Did you ever hear the tragedy of MythTV? I thought not. It’s not a story the Youtubes would tell you. It’s a Pirate legend. MythTV was a Dark Lord of the Pitates, so powerful and so wise he could use the PCs to influence the airwaves to create watchable TV… He had such a knowledge of the PCs that he could even keep the shows he cared about from dying. The dark side of the PC is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice XBMC everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.

  • The number of hate groups in the U.S. has almost doubled in two years
  • Organizations routinely update how they define things. Especially nuanced sociological categories that do in fact shift with time, public perception, and politics. It's not disingenuous unless those definitions are not clearly described in the literature analyzing the data. Being better able to identify these groups based on more information is a good thing. I've seen no evidence that anything unethical happened here.

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • From the article it does seem that the failure of ability isn't strictly related to computers per SE, but to an over all inability to think about the word problems given in an abstract and mathematically coherent way. They seemed to ask participants to solve what are essentially database query, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and logic problems in the context of an email suite. Word problems can be hard for anyone that hasn't studied and practiced how to decipher them. It's just that using a computer kind of forces one to confront those gaps in what should be a fundamental part of highschool education. Math and science classes aren't just solving problems by wrote memorization or memorizing the periodic table, they are about problem solving. Lots of people fall through the gaps and don't get that one special teacher who understood this.

  • The number of hate groups in the U.S. has almost doubled in two years
  • I'm totally guessing here. They probably changed the definition to include groups that had been previously exclude because those groups had previously disguised themselves as politically conservative or religious groups. Once the conservatives started saying the quiet parts out loud across she country they became easier to identify as hate groups.

  • Martin Shkreli Accused of Copying and Sharing One-Of-a-Kind Wu-Tang Album in New Lawsuit
  • Who else is betting the album just isn't very good?

    Either way it feels like Wu-Tang is on the wrong side of the class war on this one. The fine art comparison is bullshit. At least fine art owned by individuals is often showcased for public viewing because everyone knows that a print, photo, or public exhibition is not the same as owning the original.

    I'm sure Wu-Tang thought they were just exploiting the upper class money laundering system for their own gains, but that just makes them court fools, not revolutionaries.

  • Watch order for the various SG series
  • Just watch them in order by air date. There's no need for spreadsheets or wikis.

  • Nostalgic Distros?
  • I wonder whatever happened to Knoppix. All I've been able to find online is speculation and questions.

  • Simple question: Are you a nice person?
  • I'm not a nice person. I'm not a kind person. I'm not even a good person. I try to be all of those things and sometimes it feels like a struggle. I don't think I'm evil or a total asshole or a sociopath or something. I just think it a metric we have to constantly check-in on and adjust. I don't really trust people that think of themselves as nice, kind, or good. I don't think I really agree with those people about what it really means to be nice, kind, or good. For example, I do believe the song got it right, sometimes you do need to be cruel to be kind in the right measure.

  • Have you got any weird questions FROM the opposite gender?
  • Sometimes I get a particular kind of headache. Listening to loud music with heavy bass can help ease the headache. Singing along to my playlist of songs I might sing at karaoke from my belly loudly also can help ease the pain a bit. So yes, I guess it can be relaxing.

  • What is this yellow box like device from the early 90s?

    As seen very briefly in the movie Weekend at Bernie's II (1993), what is the yellow box like thing this lady is carrying? Camera? Maybe, but what make or model?