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Scarlett Johansson denied OpenAI the right to use her voice. They used it anyway.
  • The problem is that as far as I'm aware there's literally zero evidence of this doomsday scenario you're describing ever happening, despite publicity rights being a thing for over 50 years. Companies have zero interest in monetizing publicity rights to this extent because of the near-certain public backlash, and even if they did, courts have zero interest in enforcing publicity rights against random individuals to avoid inviting a flood of frivolous lawsuits. They're almost exclusively used by individuals to defend against businesses using their likeness without permission.

  • Scarlett Johansson denied OpenAI the right to use her voice. They used it anyway.
  • Holy fuck how do you not see the difference between "random nobody does an impression for free while hanging out with their pals" and "multi billion startup backed and funded by one of the richest companies on earth uses an impression as a key selling point for their new flagship product that they are charging access for and intend to profit from"

  • Anon wants to ride a zeppelin
  • It's amazing what proper regulations that are designed to prioritize safety over profit can accomplish, and how quickly stark examples of the dangers start happening when those regulations are sidestepped or dismantled...

  • Nope. No.
  • I'd say "inb4 the AI cultists invade this thread" but it looks like I'm already too late

  • The average Boston renter spends 47% of their income on housing. In Seattle, it's 28%. Why?
  • I'm at about 40% income to rent, and that's with my living with two other adults. Landlord has consistently pumped rent by 20% every year, all while removing features (per-unit planter boxes demolished, fancy dishwasher & washer/dryer replaced with generic shit boxes, etc.).

    I wish I'd never moved here

  • Jan. 6 Situation Room Officer Reveals Trump Fans ‘Came That Close’ To Murdering VP In Stunning New Interview
  • Yeah, and without Pence, it would've been Lindsay Graham acting as president pro tempare, and he would have gone along with the fake elector scheme as pretext to refuse to acknowledge electors from states Biden won, leaving him with less than 270 electors. Election stalemates, it goes to Congress in a one-vote-per-state contest, and Trump wins. That was the entire plan behind the coup--find a pretext to deny Biden 270 electors to throw it to the backup mechanism where Republicans outnumber Democrats.

  • Jan. 6 Situation Room Officer Reveals Trump Fans ‘Came That Close’ To Murdering VP In Stunning New Interview
  • I don't, because IIRC the plan was to take Pence out of the picture, have Graham assume the role of Senate president pro tempare in his place, and then Graham would use the fake electors as a justification to refuse to certify Biden's election. From there, it would get thrown to Congress, where each state's congressional delegation get a single collective vote to decide who becomes president. Republicans outnumber Democrats in enough state delegations to throw the election to Trump.

    In other words, the timeline Pence dies is the one where the coup succeeds.

  • TIL that some people do not have an inner voice and think in different nonverbal ways.
  • God, same. One of my little annoyances in life is that my internal voice is a goddamn motor mouth and I literally CANNOT stop it.

    I can stare at a white wall and watch paint dry, and my monologue will start philosophizing about watching paint dry, where the phrase came from, why I'm doing it (to try and silence my internal voice), then go on a wiki walk about how trying not to think about something makes you think about it more and the classic example of telling someone "don't think about a brown bear" makes them think about bears, then I'll start thinking about bears and my monologue is suddenly halfway across the world.

    Put me in a sensory deprivation tank, and my internal voice starts ruminating about how Daredevil uses these to sleep, then goes off about fight sequences, and then superhero comics, and whoops I'm halfway across the world.

    Even when I'm paying attention and listening, my inner voice is still motoring away, it's just that it's mirroring what is being said to me instead of going on its own wiki walk halfway across the world (though sometimes someone will say something that makes my internal voice go "wait a second, that makes me think of..." and then I stop listening while I go on a wiki walk).

    I have ADHD, in case it isn't obvious yet.

  • Solve a puzzle for me
  • I see you read Piers Anthony too.

  • Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: ‘I Promise You He Won’t’
  • You seem to have mistaken my post as defending or supporting Garland's appointment. Please rest assured that is not the case.

  • Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: ‘I Promise You He Won’t’
  • He doesn't need to be a fighter. The only reason J6 got so bad is because Trump's administration actively and directly prevented any security measures from being prepared ahead of time, and then stalled and refused to call for help when the skeletal security guards were overrun.

    The default posture of everyone who handles security for these institutions and would be in charge of fighting off another J6 attempt is that they want to protect the Capital and prevent something like this from happening again by preparing adequate measures in advance and having backup ready and available. All Biden has to do is not actively block the national guard, capital security, and D.C. police.

  • Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: ‘I Promise You He Won’t’
  • At the time, picking Garland as AG was a giant fuck you to republicans to get revenge on them denying Obama the supreme court nomination in 2016, a way of saying "ha, ha, you denied him a seat and now we gave him one that's almost as good."

    Unfortunately, in hindsight it turns out that when you put a very moderate, nonpartisan, old-school Republican in the cabinet, they will run their department like a moderate, nonpartisan, old-school Republican, and that resulted in the DOJ focusing on the mooks more than the masterminds out of fear of being seen as a political hatchet man.

  • Judge holds Trump in contempt of court, raises threat of jail time | Semafor
  • The second contempt hearing was over statements that were made between the first contempt hearing and the judge's initial ruling--i.e. they were statements made before he was initially sanctioned. The judge hasn't backed down, he's just not jailing him until he makes a statement made after his warning.

  • Woodworking as an escape from the absurdity of software
  • There's something primal about making something with your own hands that you just can't get with IT. Sure, you can deploy and maintain an app, but you can't reach out and touch it, smell it, or move it. You can't look at the fruits of your labor and see it as a complete work instead of a reminder that you need to fix this bug, and you have that feature request to triage, oh and you need to update this library to address that zero day vulnerability...

    Plus, your brain is a muscle, too. When you've spent decades primarily thinking with your brain in one specific way, that muscle starts to get fatigued. Changing your routine becomes very alluring, and it lets you exercise new muscles, and challenge yourself to think in new ways.

  • Legal experts: "Shameful" Supreme Court put US one vote away from "the end of democracy"
  • They can't delay it that long, they have to issue a decision by the end of their current term, which ends when they go into summer recess in late June/early July. Granted, they could theoretically say "screw the rules" and not issue a decision until after the election, but that's literally never been done, and if it did everyone would start ringing the alarm bells because it's a crystal clear sign they're corruptly abusing their power for Trump's benefit. (Yes, I know they're already doing this, but what they're doing right now is blowing hard enough on a dog whistle to draw side-eye glances from passers by, while delaying a decision past the end of term would be like blowing a train whistle right next to your face.)

    If they do decide to help Trump, the most likely path will be waiting until the last minute to issue a decision and then punting it back to the lower court for further review.

  • Bill Barr says Trump often suggested executing rivals in heated White House outbursts
  • That goes against his long and storied history of being in the tank for the Republican party. He convinced Bush Sr to pardon the few people who were convicted in the Iran-Contra scandal to execute a cover-up, he slow-walked and misrepresented the findings of Mueller's report on Russian interference, and he's always ascribed to the unitary executive theory. If his history and career is any indication, I suspect he talked about it because he legitimately thinks the president should be able to execute his political rivals (as long as they have an elephant pin on their lapel, naturally).

  • I know covid is "over", but please continue washing your hands!
  • This is why I open the restroom door at work by nudging the wheelchair accessible door button with my side.

  • cause no one asks you for tech support if you still running windows XP
  • Funny, I tweaked my Linux PC at work to look like Windows XP. It's so cursed, I love it.

  • Ah, Yes! AI Will Surely Save Us All!
  • my company announced today that they were going to start a phased rollout where AI would provide first responses to support tickets submitted by users, with it initially being "reviewed" by humans with the eventual goal being it just sending responses unsupervised. The strength of my "OH HELL NO" derailed the entire meeting for a solid 15 minutes lmao

  • Trump VP contender Kristi Noem says no exceptions for rape or incest in abortion ban
  • And this is why any pro-forced birther who says it should be "left up to the states" should be treated as if they're lying. If they truly believe it's murder, then there's no world in which they would tolerate a state choosing to keep abortion legal, and if given half a chance they would immediately ban it everywhere.

    "It should be left to the states" is code for "I would happily sign a national ban but I won't say it because I know it's political suicide."

  • Connect stops loading additional comments in posts with very large numbers of comments / loads empty comment threads

    This is a fairly persistent issue that appears to be exclusive to Connect, and extremely annoying.

    Any time a post accumulates very large numbers of comments (say, 300 or more), Connect will eventually just... stop loading additional comments. At first, scrolling down will load a few more top-level comments, but eventually it'll just give up and act like there's no more comments to load, even though there Connect has loaded less than 50 comments out of a 1,000+ comment megathread. Worse yet, if a user direct links to a comment on one of those megathreads, Connect will load a completely empty comment thread. This issue doesn't occur on Voyager or Jerboa, nor on the web UI.

    Bug report: Messages removed by moderators are still visible in Connect

    I won't link specific posts for obvious reasons, but there were multiple posts here that were removed by community moderators but were still visible in the Connect app:

    Needless to say, getting blasted with a bunch of rhetoric vile enough to warrant moderation is not the way I wanted to start my day.

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