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It's the talk of the town
  • Everywhere I worked in North America (USA and Canada) paid bi-weekly.

    Everywhere I've worked in Europe (Germany and UK) paid monthly.

    I would guess that this is just a difference in norms

  • Bagged milk memories
  • I had these during kindergarten (in the 90s) in the US, but they replaced them with cartons by the time I got to first grade.

    Which is good because none of us 5 year Olds could operate them

  • Today, it’s all about Spanglish, the ‘language’ posing a threat to Anglocentrism in the United States
  • It has it's own challenges, sure... but english isn't even remotely close to being the hardest language to learn

    The spelling is messed up, it has (like virtually every language) a bunch of exceptions to rules, but the grammar has been hugely simplified over the past 1000 years.

    Not to mention that the biggest advantage to learning languages is familiarity and the fact that English is, well, everywhere makes it easier.

    Sure Esperanto is easier, but for most of the world something like Japanese would be muuuuuch harder

  • Contemporary African Music is not getting the credit it deserves
  • I'm in the process of moving away for other reasons, but brexit had nearly no effect on visiting/entering the UK, so no need to worry about that.

    They were never in schengen, so there were always border controls. Most of their border controls are automated, so it's super smooth.

    It's wayyyyy easier than (for instance) entering the US (even as an American!)

  • Owen Wilson's "Wow"
  • The real answer is that there is currently an AI arms race (mostly) between Google and OpenAI.

    The way that the modern internet economy works is that the winners generally take the majority of the market and everyone else takes the scraps.

    I work in machine learning and have spoken with some of the Google engineers about it recently. They said that when ChatGPT blew up last year, it sent shockwaves through the whole company. They had thought that they were ahead on AI, but suddenly realised that they were WAY behind.

    Now they are putting a ton of effort into trying to push new models and uses because they are worried about becoming the "Bing of AI" rather than the "Google of AI"