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We can talk about it if you'd like
  • Within the context of where he was when he stated that list, 100% it was just what he saw in the moment when looking for inspiration for 5 words. If you sat a child down in a room full of toys and asked them to name 5 things, they would probably name their 5 favorite, or most obvious toys in front of them.

    Someone who was more with it would be able to put in the effort to pick random, less related words.

  • French girl with her cat, 1958 or 1959
  • I feel you on that. Full disclosure - I've hit the point in my life where my kids are grown and self sustaining and I'm finally working a job that actually meets my needs. I wish you the absolute best in finding the right job for you and that hopefully life can suck at least a little less.

  • French girl with her cat, 1958 or 1959
  • I'm also allergic, so I buy stupidly expensive cat food that reduces the enzyme in cats saliva that most people react to. I'm good to cuddle and pet my cat, as long as I can avoid scratches, I'm good.

  • A 12-year-old girl is accused of smothering her 8-year-old cousin over an iPhone
  • "after coming from out of town to stay with their grandmother."

    I'm assuming this means this was the grandmother's house they were staying at?

    I work in hospice and and it's not uncommon for a family member to have multiple cameras set up in an elderly loved ones house for safety reasons. Maybe she wants to remain independent, but is a fall risk. We've had patients refuse in home caregivers, but allow family to put in cameras to watch for falls.

  • Tornado conspiracy
  • These woke windmills are out of control! We didn't have storms like this when I was a kid before they started building those damned windmills!!!

    (Just threw up in my mouth a little)

  • Tornado conspiracy
  • *597?

    I lived on 187th for 7 years, just moved to Wheaton a couple months ago. NOW Mokena shows up somewhere?!? Lol

    Where I'm at in Wheaton still doesn't have power, and from what I hear with all the damage some places aren't expected to till Friday.

  • Texas tops the list of America's 10 worst states for quality of life in 2024
  • "The only "people" moving to Texas are tax mules and corpo scumbags"

    Or in my brother's case, following an ex wife who decided to marry someone from Texas and move there with the kids. Sometimes moving is cheaper and less complicated than legal battles with a parent you still have to work with for another 10 years.

    The clock is ticking though. As soon as the youngest graduates high school they're getting the hell out of there.

  • send a chocolate box to your FBI agent
  • Richard Simmons, Dr Ruth, and Shelly Duvall make this death trifecta. That other goon didn't qualify to be associated with the wholesomeness and entertainment those three good people brought to the world.

  • SOLVED: This apparently is a baking dish. Thrift store find for my wife. But why is there a hole in the side? What is it?
  • I love that they call it smokeless. Sure it is, as long as you never cook anything in it! All you need is a drop of grease or juice from your food to drip on the element and it smoked. Mine had an aluminum reflector/liner in the bottom that stained like a bitch. I stopped using it because it was too much of a headache to keep clean.

  • Sovcit fucking over their kid.
  • Where does newborn come into this? It says "youngest", which sure I guess could be a newborn, but my youngest is 22 years old.

    It's been a while since I had my kids, but it took about a month for the paperwork to be processed for them to get birth certificates. They never mailed them to us, but we were told that after a month we should be able to go to the country clerk's office to pick them up.

    Aside from that, when signing up for benefits from an employer, in my previous experiences I had X number of days to get my paperwork in for finalization. Even if this were a newborn situation, there's enough paperwork from the hospital to generally appease HR types till the real one is available.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • The old Coke Zero was amazing! It tasted closer to regular Coke without the extra sweetness that sugared colas have (regular colas taste like pancake syrup to me.) I was disappointed a few years ago when they tweaked the flavor. I think they sweetened it a little more to bring it closer to Pepsi's level of sweetness, which I don't particularly care for. After a year of not tasting the old formula of Coke Zero, the new one is ok. So really it's probably for the best since I drink less of it now lol (good goin Coke lol.)

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • Cook county tried it in Illinois a few years back, and it really made no sense.

    It didn't apply to juices (even though juices are loaded with sugar) and it taxed sugar free sodas the same as their sugar sweetened versions. They charged 1 cent per ounce for the tax. It was repealed 4 months after initiating it.

  • and then my back hurts
  • This is actually closest to the best thing lol.

    Our bodies are meant to move, not sit statically even with "perfect" posture. By fidgeting, slouching, sitting tall, leaning, and all kinds of variations we're responding to feedback from our bodies. Keep listening and keep moving!

  • a cool guide to reheat pizza
  • Depends on the pizza and how much I love myself at that moment.

    Acceptable pizza and I'm not in the mood to care, eat it cold.

    Quality pizza and I want to show some respect for the pizza and myself, it's the above or air fryer, or at minimum a few minutes in the toaster oven.