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Former N.J. officer alleges department had ticket quota, says he faced retaliation and discrimination from police chief
  • The local police department has some metric saying there are X amount of moving violations per day in town divided by X amount of officers so each officer must write X amount of tickets.

    That way, it’s not really a “quota“ but a job performance metric they are punished for not meeting.

  • House, Senate leaders nearing deal on landmark online privacy bill
  • There is absolutely no reason they can’t pass a federal law and then still allow states to have a more restrictive law. It is stupid to add a preemption barring more stringent laws.

    But really no laws are strict enough against data harvesting companies.

  • [MacRumors] Alleged iPhone 16 Battery Details Show Smaller Capacity for One Model
  • I went from a 12 Pro Max that was down to 70% battery health to a 15 Pro and I swear the 15 only lasts about 2/3 as long. I know the max had a bigger battery, but it was degraded almost 30% and still better.

    I just keep wondering if they made the phone as fat as the camera bump how much more battery they could fit in it

  • Prince George RCMP officer receives absolute discharge for assault of suspect
  • It’s so weird. When you get put in handcuffs here, you automatically expect to get hit, that’s just how it is. And I’m not talking about arrested, I’m just talking about when they put you in handcuffs quote for your own safety“ and then they still take that opportunity to illegally search you or hit you.

  • Someone should release Discovery with all the speeches removed
  • On the eve of battle, on a cold and windless night, an old general turned to a young soldier.

    “Tomorrow,” said the master, “you will know fear.”

    The young soldier — who had not yet experienced the agony of war — looked at the general with quizzical eyes, “How will I know fear if I do not know what it looks like?”

    The general replied, “You will know fear because it speaks very fast and it speaks very loud...”

    “If that is how fear acts, recognizing it is easy.” But as the young soldier considered the general's advice, she asked the question facing us now, “Once I know Fear, how do I defeat it?”

    Even so, I come to ask myself the same question that young soldier asked that general all those years ago: “How do I defeat fear?”

    The general’s answer: “the only way to defeat fear is to tell it ‘No’.”

    No. We will not take shortcuts on the path to righteousness.

    No. We will not break the rules that protect us from our basest instincts.

    No. We will not allow desperation to destroy moral authority.

    I am guilty of all these things.

    Some say that in life there are no second chances; experience tells me that this is true.

    We can only look forward. We have to be torch-bearers: casting the light so we may see our path to lasting peace. We will continue exploring, discovering new worlds, new civilisations.

    Yes. That is the United Federation of Planets.

    Yes. That is Starfleet

    Yes. That is who we are

    And who we will always be.

  • Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected | Aalto University
  • Because Siri is the engine behind all voice commands to the phone. If you use voice to text, like I am right now, that relies on Siri. So you can turn off the search queries, but the engine still has to work if you want it to recognise your voice for anything, and it’s also the AI behind transcribing voicemails and voice memos.

  • Indy FOP calls for judge to resign and for changes to courts after Dorsey sentencing
  • That time as a lawyer and time as a prosecutor thing you’re mentioning must be very region specific. We don’t have that here. A law school graduate can be appointed. You don’t have to hold a lot agree to be elected judge— my county probate judge is just some random asshole

  • What privacy friendly app/service/stuff makes your life simpler?
  • Apple really doesn’t advertise. The data never leaves apple. Everyone else sells your information.

    “Apple… is the most privacy-conscious firm out there. Apple only stores the information that is necessary to maintain users’ accounts. This is because their website is not… reliant on advertising revenue. “


  • Alabama governor signs law banning diversity programs in schools
  • I see little problem with not funding school lunches because we shouldn’t have public schools at all. Parents should have to pay for their kids education and food and they should owe more in taxes because they chose to have a kid. That, any gun control, emissions on vehicles, helmet or seatbelt laws, property taxes, sending aid to Ukraine, laws that criminalise victimless crimes are a few of the reasons I won’t vote for a democrat. And I won’t vote for a republican anyway.