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Astarion can't talk to Raphael?
  • with the old system it sonetimes happened that a seemingly random companion was selected for important story moments.

    but the new system defaulting to the players "main" character is not perfect either obviously.

  • [Solved] Tumbleweed update killed my gaming
  • Had issues like that from time to time, when graphics drivers got borked during the update/did not exist for the new kernel.

    solution was allways to either remove the drivers and reinstall them or rollback to an earlier snapshot and wait a week.

  • Start learning at 50
  • nah, one is never to old to learn stuff.

    a tough, but hands-on start would be something like

    it's a free course for web development and their material is really good, so even if you don't finish it you'll aquire some good fundamentals about programming.

    sadly that does not match your language preferences, but a lot of knowledge tends to transfer or helps to understand different approaches.

    you could also try a course like Introduction to CS and Programming or other university/college courses. they are meant for people who start without programming experience.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? May 14
  • I am currently listening to Good Omens, Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman

    Iam sure its great, but i have trouble to actively listen during the evening currently. but that's a me problem.


    Dracula, Bram Stoker not my first time reading it, so glossing over lines isnt a huge problem, but this book is just comfortably creepy.

  • RFC: Moving the Godot Card Game Framework to an MIT License
  • agpl does not "steal" sales, but i have to give my users the source code under a gpl compatible license, that includes that they redistirbute the code however they see fit.

    that scares many people, but i guess they forget that your game is more than code and the license does not cover assets

  • I just love pain
  • sometimes i like that a lot of my work is typical enterprise stuff. nothing gets to prod without some poor soul working through a huge test catalogue on a seperate environment and/or a higher up signs off on it.

    it's also annoying because, you cant "just ship" a small fix or change without someone signing off on it.

  • ich🎬iel

    ob wir irgendwann die Filmabende lassen und mehr Brettspiele spielen?



    irgendwie kam der Stör zurück



    Was hat die waffenfähige Kücheneinrichtung wohl gemacht statt die Wäsche anzustellen oder das Geschirr zu waschen?


    Blutspende mit Medikinet

    Hi, ich bin früher regelmäßig spenden gegangen und würde das gerne wieder tun.

    Ich nehm mittlerweile aber Medikinet und ich werde aus den Informationen des DRK nicht schlau ob ich damit spenden gehen darf.

    also: Darf ich Blutspenden wenn ich Medikinet nehme oder gibt es eine Frist wie lange die letzte Einnahme zurück liegen muss?



    ich weiss zwar nicht, was das Problem mit den Suchanfragen mit dem Anzeigefehler in den Einstellungen oder dem falsch übersetzten Fehlertext zu tun hat, aber ich bin sicher, dass wir einen genauen Überblick der bekannten Probleme haben.



    Ich sollte nicht im Bett am Schlaufon MichMichs bauen. Ich sollte die Arbeitsschoßobens vom Schreibtisch verbannen, damit platz für meinen Rechner zum MichMichs bauen da ist!

    Connect A Song Dunstabzugshaubitze

    Iron Maiden - Run for the Hills

    Run for THE HILLS. Otherwise you wont get over them i guess


    paradise lost - no hope in sight

    Aah, Paradise Lost don't know many bands that used to change their sound so much from album to album. Wonder what this community would say to anything from their album "host" :D

    While i really enjoy their dark and heavy stuff like this, i would return less often to their stuff if it was the only thing they offered

    E: i guess my edit ate the link


    Onslaught - Code Black (thrash metal)

    Onslaught is a thrash metal band from the 80s and they kept that sound through all their albums.