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Texas Secessionsts win GOP backing for independence vote: 'Major step'
  • GOP knows it too. They'd lose +13 R seats in Congress and +2 R seats in the Senate. As well as 38 votes in the EC, which despite Texas becoming more purple hasn't gone D in a presidential election since 76. Taking Texas out of the equation could easily make both chambers and the executive D.

  • What would happen to your body if you only ate 750g of 2% cottage cheese every day for a month?
  • And if your doing a high protein diet make sure to watch your kidney function, make sure your doc does a kidney panel with every physical. I did low carb high protein for several months and my kidney numbers went from good to, not terrible, but not good either.

  • Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
  • I agree, in my experience in person stand-ups are much better than online.

    1. People don't want to sand around and want to get back to their desk.
    2. Parking lot discussions can just be handled in the hall outside the meeting room 90% of the time and don't require adding a new meeting to a calendar, although if there is only one issue that needs further discussion we just usually let everyone else drop call and handle it then.
  • Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
  • Same, I've been on agile projects with quick efficient meetings most of the time. But I'm a project now with a 45 minute standup every morning for like 15 people. The lead just lets people ramble on and try to solve issues in standup. Backlog grooming and sprint plannings get equally sidetracked as well.

  • Google AI making up recalls that didn’t happen
  • Could this be grounds for CVS to sue Google? Seems like this could harm business if people think CVS products are less trustworthy. And Google probably can't find behind section 230 since this is content they are generating but IANAL.

  • A cool guide to camera resolution and print sizes
  • Yeah, all of these values are going to depend on a low ISO. You can have 60+ MP but if you're shooting at 3200 ISO it's gonna look shit blown up, less than say 30MP but still your not going to get these numbers.

  • A cool guide about makes so much things easier
  • Is that what this is saying? This seems even more confusing to me, they have both blue and navy and two different shades so I'm assuming they mean different blues. And even more confusing navy shoes go with a brown suit, but brown shoes don't go with navy?!