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Impossibly thin fabric could cool you down by 16-plus degrees
  • Fahrenheit is superior to Celsius because it's more specific and I will die on this hill. 71F feels different than 72F and yet they're both 22C (for example).

    Metric is better than imperial, though. Obviously.

  • An 8-year-old girl was sucked into a swimming pool pipe at a Hilton hotel. The management company blamed her parents
  • The worst is how common it is for them to leave their children by a pool and just assume that whatever random adults are around will be watching their kids.

    Edit: I didn't say that's what happened here. Clearly, it's not. That doesn't change that what I said above is super common.

  • Why not serve fried chicken on Juneteenth? How is it different from serving corned beef on St. Patrick’s day?
  • This really does nail it. In the north, we do have the stereotype that black people like fried chicken. However, that is seen as neutral or positive. Fried chicken is delicious and black people tend to make great fried chicken. What's not to like?

  • TIL The candlefish is so rich in oils that when supplied with a wick it can be burned like a candle"
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it was simply a matter of someone knowing that oil burns and noticing how oily the fish is, then having the brilliant idea of trying to light a fish on fire (alcohol may have been involved).

    That's how I like to imagine it, anyway.

  • Louisiana’s Ten Commandments Law Signals a Broader Christian Agenda | Gov. Jeff Landry wants his state to be at the forefront of a national movement to advance legislation with a Christian worldview.
  • This is not the no true Scotsman fallacy. This is people claiming a name while behaving in a way opposite, or at least unrelated, to what that name represents.

    It would be like if I were to vocally claim to be a socialist while actively promoting capitalism in my actions and fighting against socialist causes.

  • 2 killed, 8 wounded in mass shooting outside Arkansas grocery store
  • I think this is about where it's important to remind people that the 24-hour news cycle is a relatively recent phenomenon. Many of us grew up in an era where the news played for an hour a couple times per day. One can hardly understate the impact this had on "the news".

    To keep it short and on-topic: The news used to almost exclusively feature big news stories because there wasn't time to cover everything. Local news would have smaller, local interest stories. Individual crimes mostly made the news when they were especially noteworthy. Now, news stations need to find anything to fill an entire day. This is how we went from journalists reporting on big stories to commentators "reporting" on every little thing ad nauseum. This has led gun crimes to receive a lot more national attention than they would have previously.