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Expats ahoy!
  • I used to teach English in China, I was definitely not an immigrant there. Now I'm in Australia, as a citizen. Took a few years, but I've made it.

    Funnily enough in this country, as someone with a dual citizenship, I'm not allowed to be elected as an MP. Not that I would, I have to admit.

    Anyone else in Perth?

  • Aussie Zone Signups
  • "Yeah, but only after the fifth pint" ... Access granted, but limited to /Perth?

    (Here I am, writing this from Rockingham, WA, after a Friday afternoon in the city)

    More seriously, I think that's fine, as long as there's no huge influx of people. Trolls won't tell you they will be disruptive, so moderation needs to happen in any case. The signup form is more a way to set expectations, I reckon.

  • Hello Reddit refugees
  • Almost a baker's dozen.

    Not quite the announced exodus. Time will tell, but so far, twitter, reddit and the slowness of mastodon have been really helpful in making me reduce my usage of social media.