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this post commits the cardinal internet sin of having nuance sorry :(
  • Do you actually think Biden is better than Trump in any of this? He's the sitting president right now watching the genocide and we're sending them more money. You're making up hypothetical scenarios when what's happening is real. WHAT YOU'RE DESCRIBING IS HAPPENING RIGHT FUCKING NOW DURING BIDEN'S TERM.

    Even in your stupid scenario I wouldn't care since I wouldn't vote for Trump. I'm not the one who put Biden in the ballot and I'm not the one insisting that he should be the candidate.

    You reap what you sow. Did you protest against the genocide? No. Did you boycott any companies? No. Did you donate to any supporting cause (Jewish voice for peace etc.)? No. Did you contact your elected officials about this? No.

    You could have helped stop this. You could still help stop this. But you don't. Instead you come here and try to guilt shame people with hypothetical scenarios when they're happening as we speak.

    It all goes back to what I have said. You just don't care. So stop acting like you give a shit about Palestine. If a democracy wants me to choose between two genocidal maniacs, I'll enjoy watching it burn.

  • this post commits the cardinal internet sin of having nuance sorry :(
  • But you should vote again because "orange man bad" and maybe this time the self proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist whose pockets are lined by Israili money won't commit genocide.

    You know it's actually funny at this point. All of these people can go outside and find a protest. They're all over the country. Instead they're over here trying to guilt shame others into voting for a genocidal zionist. You wanna know why? It's because they don't care. That's what it all comes down to. Either through Israili propaganda or just through blatant racism they are convinced that the massacre is somewhat acceptable or at least not completely unacceptable. Therefore voting for Biden is still a viable option.

    Exactly as you have said. My vote counts. Even if it doesn't make a difference. I would know. Every time a child dies in Gaza, I would know that I voted for this.

    Expecting anything to change by voting for the same people is dumb as fuck. I'm expected to choose between a genocidal maniac and a fascist and somehow the dumbasses here think that they can "lesser evil" their way out of this.

  • Glance is coming to the US, whether we like it or not
  • This isn't a part of Google. Likely carriers will try to put it on phones you get through them especially mid-range devices. Also it can be disabled (and even uninstalled through shizuku or ADB or something)

  • AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'
  • If only people moved to an open and federated platform. I mean I don't have to say that I hate reddit since I'm here but still whenever I Google a problem reddit answers are one of the most useful places. Especially about something local.

  • Apple Removes WhatsApp, Threads, Telegram, and Signal from China App Store, says it complied with orders from the Chinese government
  • Doesn't matter where you are. Side loading is a must have for any device, especially phones because a lot of their functions require installing applications. This is like saying privacy is only important if you have something to hide. People are under the assumption that just by enabling side loading they'll open up their phones to viruses or something. If you don't need to just stick to your regular app store but having the option is important. If everything you do on your phone is connected to a single company then you aren't private, it's only an illusion of privacy.

  • Searching for characters

    This feature might be underrated by some but is amazing how I can search "Beta" and boom I have "β" on my clipboard. It is very helpful in medicine. I just wanted to give it a shout out.


    Whatsapp needs a makeover

    Whatsapp's UI is so outdated. There are mods out there that look 100 times better. Android users are basically carrying Whatsapp. They really should look into improving the experience on Android. I would love to see them implement Material You.


    Eugen's post about Threads integration

    I totally agree with him. This will bring more people to the fediverse once they realize they can interact with their friends on Threads


    Quick rant about turbo

    If you block camps in Turbo you're a little pussy. I'm sorry but the sooner you accept it the better.

    Rant over Have a great day.


    Dota 2 summer client update

    The new shaders and lighting effects look great especially at night. I'm also looking forward to getting rid of the toxic players and smurfs. It's definitely a change in the right direction.


    What're your takes on the Bulldog and Waga smurfing drama

    For context, Bulldog came across Waga's smurf on a game and Waga absolutely smashed him and his team. Bulldog then reported him for smurfing.