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Middle East Expert
  • Always happy to provide. 😁

  • Middle East Expert

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    Greece to transfer 32 decommissioned F-16s to Ukraine
  • Not all of them will fly at the same time.
    Some will be unavailable for various repairs, some will be too far from the interception target to get in time, some will inevitably destroyed from time to time. 200 isn't that far fetched.

  • Public servant advises woman facing homelessness to 'use witchcraft' or 'manifest' home
  • So being a Dev isn't a real job? I suppose a lot of people here would feel insulted.
    What I earn from my grandmother home goes to a special account used for the apartment repairs, improvement, and taxes.
    Actually, as we upgraded it a lot those last years (redid the all the electricity, paint, windows and the south side isolation), I'm actually still 70k+ in debt, which will take me arround 10 years to resorb.

    But sure, I'm leeching off my tenant, if you say so.

  • Public servant advises woman facing homelessness to 'use witchcraft' or 'manifest' home
  • There are a lot more to it than just a roof without leaks. Add to that a decent isolation, water and electrical installations that are conform to an ever evolving norm, basic equipments (and some facultative ones) in working order.
    Honestly when I hear some horror stories about some of the worst rental houses, I'm as angry as anyone here. But I find unfortunate that some of my fellow leftist prefer to caricature instead of trying to understand that not every landlord is a money hungry bastard 😅.
    My house was my grandma house, I just happened to be the next one in charge of keeping it in a decent state.

  • Public servant advises woman facing homelessness to 'use witchcraft' or 'manifest' home
  • I did expect that, I was kinda giving the stick to beat me. But I'd have liked if those who downvoted me could give me pointers on how to improve myself as a landlord.

  • Public servant advises woman facing homelessness to 'use witchcraft' or 'manifest' home
  • Not all of them. Unfortunately my only property isn't adaptable for disabled people beside what we already installed for my grandmother (handlebars, things like that). It was built in the 50s 😅.

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • Probably trough the commandline, it has been a long time since I last checked, but not using the gui, which asked for the password for any repository modification.

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • But you still need to add the remote... With a root password of course. At least last time I tried.

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • A good example of shitty YaST imo is the YaST sudo tool... Which doesn't work unless you first manually edit the sudoer file to remove two lines that specifically says that they are default configurations and should be changed by the distro maintainers...

  • OpenSUSE is the best
  • Why the fuck does it ask for root password to change every little thing? Want to change network password? Root password. Install a flatpak? Root password. Sneeze? You guessed it, root password.

    I'd be using it instead of Fedora if it wasn't for that shit. I even tried to spin myself a custom OpenSuse ISO...

  • HP forced to ditch popular printer range following user backlash
  • They did provide good first party Linux support where other printer required the use of hacky reverse engineered drivers. Other than that...

  • Hungary's Orban unexpectedly visits China, backs Xi's peace plan
  • Orban is a transactional. Give him a better offer and he will switch side. Looks like China and Russia are the ones paying the most right now.

  • The large ammunition depot hit in the Voronezh region last night is still burning and exploding. Shells are flying and falling in nearby settlements.
  • The one where Russian shoot at an unarmed Ukrainian or the one where a Russian shoot at another Russian, while posing as an Ukrainian soldier ?

  • It must a pain to make a Rich Textbox
  • Indeed.

    Source : I'm a dev.

  • Exit poll suggests Labour set for huge landslide win in UK general election
  • This isn't only a landslide, this is an humiliation. 🤣

  • Help figuring what the two non SAS ports are
  • As often with IBM, everything is proprietary 😅

  • Macron is already over. Can anyone stop Le Pen?
  • It’s supposed to be a market economy, if someone doesn’t want to do the job for an advertised rate you’re supposed to increase the rate until it becomes palatable.

    I'm not against the idea, after all that's what the left ask for a long time, but it will increase cost, which will be impacted on everyone cost of living. For a party that make most of its campaign on improving everyone standard of living, their ideas would have the opposite effect.

    Not import people to artificially keep wages and living conditions down for the working class.

    "Importing" people kinda sound like you consider them as goods, which isn't an appropriate way to call them. They are humans beings, with the same fundamental right as any local. But that's probably not the point you wanted to point, so let's skip that part.

    Most of those people went through a perilous journey, which often result in their death. Some are motivated by the better living wages, sure (can we blame them, that'd be like having a country offering millions of € as a base wage for an average European, I doubt most would skip on that), but most are just refugee from war thorn countries that just wish to find a safe place to live. They are lured by criminal groups that rob them of all of their belongings, some of their dignity (sold as slaves in Libya, things like that), in hope to get a ticket to what seem as a promised land compared to their home countries. And if they are sent back, it would mean starting over from nothing, with no money nor work (which is some case would result in their death by starvation). For some of them that also mean sentencing them to torture and/or death, just because they are from an unwanted ethnicity, are gay, or anything the local consider as undesirable. I don't think we can condemn them for trying, considering some of their home countries problem are a direct result of western action (creating countries out of nothing without taking ethnic boundaries into account, among other things), but we have a moral duty to at least give them a fair chance at proving they can integrate into their adoptive countries.

    No country can welcome everyone, but putting every bad things on the back of the "migrants" by defining them as a generic bad person that's only there to do bad things is dishonest at best. Most of France problems are the result of years on gifts to the rich in hope that they'd be magnanimous enough to create more work (they never did, or at best did the bare minimum). Migrants are just straw-men used as a stepping stone by those who are more interested in power than in helping others.

  • Macron is already over. Can anyone stop Le Pen?
  • Problem is that most western democracies rely on those cheap migrants worker to fill most jobs that locals do not want to fill anymore for various reasons (physical difficulty, low wages, bad images).

    So yeah, if you want cities filled with garbages, amazon packages that takes weeks to arrive, among other. Go on. Kick them all out.

  • Europa – Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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    > Europa – Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch > > Coming in 2024.


    Little Kitty, Big City – Release Date Reveal – Nintendo Switch

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    > Little Kitty, Big City – Release Date Reveal – Nintendo Switch > > Releasing May 9


    The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion - 25-09-2023

    Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

    Please don’t forget to use the spoiler tag as soon as you start talking about a storyline.