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Anyone on here know where all the conspiracy people hang out?
  • Exploding Heads exploded. They're not on lemmy anymore.

  • Anon uses protection
  • This could have been a funny story to tell their friends years later while their child listens awkwardly.

  • Anon uses protection
  • Why does he even have knight armor?

    Maybe he is into re-enactment or LARPing?

  • Anon meets the Pigman
  • What if we're all thegassypigman?

  • AITAH for pirating games before buying them?
  • If that works for you, great! I'm going to keep pirating games without demos though.

  • What working retail is like
  • If you check their websites, often you can find maps that can show you the locations of nearby stores that sell their products.

  • Fellow Lemmings, how to create Social Media that does not have mods?
  • Most people don't want freedom. They want rules and mods to enforce them so they don't see things that they find offensive.

    If everything is self-hosted, why would community wishes matter? Just block the people that disagree with you and do what you want. If you're getting abused, block the abusers. If people are disruptive, ignore them. That's pretty much how the internet used to work back when we were using forums and personal sites instead of modern social media.

  • AITAH for pirating games before buying them?
  • If you refund too often they will consider it "abuse" and stop letting you do it.

  • AITAH for pirating games before buying them?
  • No. Demos are rare and games are expensive.

  • Fellow Lemmings, how to create Social Media that does not have mods?
  • I think the only way it could work would be if everyone had their own self-hosted site, otherwise the admin/owner would have power over the users. With everyone using their own individual instance, they can block content they don't want to see but no one has any power over others.

    It would be too complicated for normal people to set up and use, and most wouldn't want to pay for hosting when they can use Facebook for "free".

  • Your username stealing iPads (prompt in post), what'd ya get?
  • Not sure what that expression is.

  • The Casanova Complex
  • I know only a fool would take anything posted on 4chan seriously but, do guys really keep lists of women they want to have sex with?

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I haven't had any problems with it.

  • Weezer straight up writing ads for
  • I would be upset if I paid for an ad. I would probably stop being a fan.

  • Male fertility is declining worldwide. Study makes recommendations to tackle problem - National |
  • Most male birth control causes serious medical issues so they never make it to consumers. Female birth control does too but society doesn't care about that.

  • Male fertility is declining worldwide. Study makes recommendations to tackle problem - National |
  • Couldn't it be something that causes fertility issues without making them completely infertile? The problem could get worse with each generation until complete infertility happens.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • They didn't actually give them an iPhone so it wasn't that bad.

  • Atheism is fine. Antitheism is bigotry.
  • If the average person does not support those things, why do you hate them?

  • God Eater 2 - Butterfly Invitation - Go Shiina


    Ys Seven - Smashing Through the Mountain Path - Saki Momiyama


    I have to do a captcha to do a captcha.

    The left one was one of the ones where the images slowly fade away and get replaced with new ones when you click them. By the time it finished, the one on the right timed out and I had to refresh the page to get a new set. When I finally managed to complete them, the login gave me an error. It wanted me to do another captcha to click OK on the error.



    Beautiful song with a beautiful video. She has a wonderful voice as well.