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Cyrus Draegur

Atomic energy enthusiast. Architecture enjoyer. Mecha appreciator. Sci-Fi reader. Friendly neighborhood shameless degenerate. Winged caniform synthetic biped techno-lich. Mostly Harmless™. Poly-Panro-Demi It/They/He

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Trump-loving gays say their MAGA support is ruining their lives
  • a not inaccurate description of his behaviors.

    especially the paranoid delusions.

    his constant professing of what "people" "say" "to him", especially particularly absurd things that there is no evidence anyone has ever said to him, would also technically meet the definition of him hearing voices - IF he is not lying. Which, to be fair, he could be, because he lies about a lot of shit all the time.

    Impossible to rule out. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck. I'm no ornithologist but heuristically speaking treating the proverbial duck-like phenomenon as though it is a duck coincides with a statistically high probability of ideal results.

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • $23/hr x 40 hours = $920/wk
    $920 x 52 weeks per year = $47,840 per year, gross.
    government takes ~25% in taxes leaving you with net $35,880
    rent is $850 x 12 months = $10,200
    $35,880 - $10,200 = $25,680
    student loans $1000/mo x 12 months = $12,000
    $25,680 - $12,000 = $13,680
    groceries $400 x 12 months = $4,800 $13,680 - $4,800 = $8,880 to spare.

    Your annual budget has a surplus of $8,880
    Divided over 12 months, you have an allowance of $740 per month.

    Honestly you have it better than most people.

    Furthermore you don't need $400 in food each month.

    Food is stupid anyway; Most Americans are overweight, so you can probably get by on less.

    If carbohydrates have not yet been made toxic to your biochemistry via your metabolism being turbofucked to hell by sugar and empty starch, you could pull the red beans and rice plus basic spice hack for staple nutrition. Literally just big fucking bags of dry brown rice and dried red beans.

    I see dried red beans and dry brown rice coming in around $1 per lb, and that's DRIED remember - after you soak them and cook them you're getting multiple pounds of food per dollar. You could get your grocery budget down to $100 per month if this is your base-load calorie source per meal and you decide to spruce things up every so often with a dollar here and a dollar there.

  • Cutaway of an Ancient Roman street
  • that took a surprising amount of focus and concentration to interpret. Some of the cutting-away looked so arbitrarily placed and random that I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, especially the parts that have been lifted up and are occluding other parts. At first it seemed so random and chaotic that it was giving me that queasy AI-generated feeling... but on closer inspection, it looks like there may in fact indeed be enough consistency that a human's touch was required.

  • Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Denies Involvement With Project 2025, Ad Says Otherwise
  • well now that the jig is up and we know what their awful plan is of course they'll want to muddy the water and convince the voting populace that it's not actually their plan and that they "don't" want to do all these horrific things... yeah. "trust me bro"

  • Forgot the rule
  • the 1920s were the "roaring 20s" The 2020's ain't "roaring". Maybe I'm wrong to call them the "screaming 20s", maybe I should call them the "wailing 20s" or the "weeping 20s" or perhaps the "whimpering 20s".

  • Forgot the rule
  • mine is Wallet, Keys, Phone, (ear)Buds, Mask, Hat; then i also pick up my backpack that has everything in it that i would need to restart my life from scratch and bring that with me too.

    active prescription medication, insurance info, medical records, notarized copies of identifying documents (the originals are in a safe deposit box admittedly), my core set of electronics and their infrastructural bits (chargers, cables, I/O adapters, input devices, batteries, storage, a small fold-up solar panel), basic hygiene supplies, first aid kit, water purification tablets, a mess kit, waterproof matches, a leatherman multitool, 50' of 500lb rated paracord (it's purple! :D), an 8'x10' tarp, my towel (obviously of course) and a thousand dollars of emergency cash in a hidden pouch inside another hidden pouch. (edit: oh right i also have several single serving pouches of jerky in there for emergency nutrition if needed)

    it's not nearly as heavy as i expected it to be so i just kinda lug it everywhere. There's even room for two spare changes of underclothes or one entire extra set of clothes, under and outer, should i bother to bring some.


    the screaming 20s have been difficult and taught me to be ready to go in a moment's notice ._.

  • Anon plays Persona
  • anger is a sensory system that detects fuckery.

    she's deliberately being uncharitable and passive aggressive.

    Her criticism is invalid because she is not only lacking context but infantilely clinging to an intentionally reductive position, and you have neither the time nor the crayons to put it in terms she's willing to understand.

    You do not owe your decisions to the approval of someone acting childish.

  • The DNC is the only reason you're not currently enjoying a second-term Sanders and a sane Supreme Court.
  • it really should have been enough -_-

    Her candidacy was america's biggest mistake since the republican party cheated Teddy Roosevelt out of their nomination and got us stuck with fucking woodrow wilson - the trump of the early 20th century.

  • Let's Fix Villages At Their Source

    This Hurts Me

    As a civil engineering and municipal infrastructure enthusiast, village generation like this makes me die inside.

    You may think "but it looks cool", until you actually fly in close and realize that none of the villagers can get back into their houses after convening at the common areas of the town because they're up sheer cliffs or halfway embedded into solid rock, and none of the paths are actually navigable in any way.

    Even 'rescuing' this town by trying to light it up sufficiently that they won't be accosted by zombies all day long from every nook and cranny, let alone refactoring all the paths so they can find their way around, is a frustrating and painful prospect.

    Yeah sure okay it's just a video game, but games and other environmental simulations of the sort only capture the imagination and our own minds' abilities to extrapolate emergent play by having at least some basic modicum of verisimilitude - and i can tell you, this settlement, which was supposed to have been ostensibly built by allegedly sapient beings, should NEVER have come to be. Villagers can't even merely sustain existence here let alone build it. Not that they have any canonical capacity to construct in the first place, but it's supposed to be implied by the existence of buildings.

    In a word, it's dissonant.

    How To Decrease Suck

    But look. I'm not here to just point fingers and lay blame. Generally it's a dick move to criticize a situation without offering a solution, and I have one:

    Pathfinding as a generative guideline.

    Retracing the hows and whys of populated places in real life, we can reveal the underlying principles that drive the phenomenon of Basically Any Place That Is Dwelled-Within. You see, for millions of years before humanity even existed let alone before the first permanent artificial structures were constructed on earth, the critters who occupied various land-based biomes on our world were trying to balance the needs of food, water, and safety. And they would do this by recognizing where these things were, and then attempting to navigate between them as efficiently as possible. In other words: animals create game trails, delineated paths of least resistance, between foraging grounds, watering holes, and hiding/nesting/resting places. Even entirely nomadic herds will attempt to beat relatively easier-to-traverse routes between grazing lands.

    You could build an algorithm that attempts to lay a route between any two arbitrary points in an environment that minimizes for disruptions like objects blocking the way, bodies of water, gaps in the terrain like ravines, or even slopes that are uncomfortably steep.

    A Pathfinding Algorithm.

    Now, why do people make paths? Well, our hunter-gatherer ancestors did this to follow migratory prey and seasonal edible plants. Even though structures weren't permanent, we'd come back to set up our camps at the same spots because they're good spots to camp at - and our ancestors KNEW that as a function of accessibility. When we began experimenting with agriculture and attained the ability to stay in the same spot year-round while not dying of starvation or exposure, we discovered a whole-ass new use for pathfinding: trade!

    We'd harvest materials from the surrounding world, and congregate to exchange what we found. Since all the materials were there, we began producing those materials into goods! Since we have all these people and all these goods in one place, why, let's facilitate the exchange with the performance of services to improve quality of life! Providers of Materials, Producers of Goods, and Performers of Services, congregating at a common location... That's a Village.

    The villagers in minecraft also possess an intrinsic implied division of labor along similar lines:

    • Farmers obviously provide all the base sustenance foods the community needs.
    • Fishermen provide fish, but also presumably various salvaged items or junk their luck of the sea might have brought ashore.
    • Fletchers hunting in the wild provide wood, flint, feathers, and string.
    • Masons mining in quarries provide minerals.
    • Shepherds tending their herds and flocks provide meat, dyes, and cloth from wool.
    • The various armorer, weaponsmith, toolsmith, leatherworker, and butcher all produce finished goods from those raw materials.
    • The Cleric provides the service of being the community's organizer and leader.
    • The Librarian provides the service of keeping records and teaching the young.
    • The Cartographer provides the service of facilitating travel and communication between towns and the location of resources in the field

    What I'm trying to say is, there's every indication that the only thing missing from this brew is the PATHS.

    And that, if you DID try to draw paths of least resistance between arbitrary points in the world, you would see them converging upon level, open areas of solid ground... which would be perfect for the construction of settlements and slot seamlessly into the extant paradigms of villages as they already are.

    Not only that, but, this would go incredibly far toward enriching every minecraft world with the semblance of a narrative without actually having to write one for real. Villages connected with roads will provoke our imaginations to externally hallucinate the existence of social systems that don't even need to be programmed into the game, like sociological regions, or nations.

    It all comes down to a road-based approach.

    edit: BTW, I created a submission in the official Minecraft Feedback site last month. Sadly it's rather hard to elegantly express what I'm suggesting with a character limit of only 1500. So if you think this is a good idea, come here and vote or something. maybe comment. Feedback Link

    Tinned Seafood Cyrus Draegur

    ASTONISHINGLY wide selection at Ocean State Job Lot

    They have a whole range of herring fillets, just look at them!!! I've tried them but forgot to take pictures, but I plan to again in the future and I'll share them then. The smoked ones are great but the ones I REALLY LIKED were the ones in horseradish sauce, the mustard ones, and especially the tomato sauce ones. The pepper ones are good too and I wouldn't leave them out but they don't HIT quite like the saucy ones.

    Tinned Seafood Cyrus Draegur

    feeling peckish

    finding this little community awoke some cravings :3

    All cops are bad Cyrus Draegur

    Just another bastard pig being a bastard. Still a bastard in retirement. Still a bastard in hell. Retired Ventura Cop Named as Gunman in Deadly Cook's Corner Shooting

    By the edhat staff A retired Ventura Police officer has been named as the gunman in a deadly shooting at Cook's Corner in Orange County on Wednesday evening. Retired Sergeant John Snowling, 59, served at the Ventura Police Department from July 1986 through February 2014 until retiring. Orange County...

    Retired Ventura Cop Named as Gunman in Deadly Cook's Corner Shooting

    If only hell were real just so this piece of shit could be burning there right now. Shame he killed three others instead of just himself. Fucking pig.


    INCLUDING the retired ones, even ex-cops are BASTARD PIGS. Retired Ventura Cop Named as Gunman in Deadly Cook's Corner Shooting

    By the edhat staff A retired Ventura Police officer has been named as the gunman in a deadly shooting at Cook's Corner in Orange County on Wednesday evening. Retired Sergeant John Snowling, 59, served at the Ventura Police Department from July 1986 through February 2014 until retiring. Orange County...

    Retired Ventura Cop Named as Gunman in Deadly Cook's Corner Shooting

    It's a shame he took 3 people with him on his well deserved trip STRAIGHT TO HELL. If it even existed.

    Fuck the police.


    [Feature Request] A way to hide specific individual posts.

    One of the interaction menu options (where "Cross-post / Send Message / Report Post / Block user / Block Community" live) OR (preferably) perhaps even one of the external buttons (next to Comment / Save / Original Post -OR- next to Upvote / Downvote) should be the ability to either hide or collapse a given post so the things you've already seen take up less screen space (but shouldn't be permanently lost to you so you can go back to something if you decide you want to look at it again)

    Also, apologies if this is already suggested, I tried to search, and either it isn't there or the search function isn't very good.