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I'm starting to hate this place as much a Reddit
  • They absolutely can without reason. The admins own their servers. Just like a person owns a house. If I don't want you in my house I don't have to give you a reason as I kick you out. All that being said, I highly doubt you are being kicked out of multiple instances for no reason.

  • I'm starting to hate this place as much a Reddit
  • Anyone who runs a community or their own server SHOULD be able to ban anyone they want. That's one of the biggest selling points of the fediverse for me. Don't like how reddit and it's communities are run? That kinda sucks since there's not much of an alternative there. Don't like Go over to beehaw then. Make whatever subs you miss over there and ban those who try to ruin it for you

  • History is written by the victors
  • I agree with that 100%! I still think it's weird that we national holidays to celebrate slave owners, regardless of what good things they did that have no relation to their owning of slaves.

  • Trump Faces Renewed Scrutiny Over Allegations of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl
  • I appreciate the follow up link, I will be looking out for more info on that. However, I think you are biased when it comes hearing and believing accusations about sexual abuse from women. Unfortunately for both the accusations against Trump and Biden, we have little more than the women's words, but you choose to find one more credible than the other because "the Trump ones seem like women wanting attention". It is sentiments such as those that will continue to allow sexual abusers get away with their actions.

  • Trump Faces Renewed Scrutiny Over Allegations of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl
  • I tried to look up these accusations from Biden's daughter but with no success. Do you have any links? Also, if you're claim that these accusations do exist is true, what makes it more credible to you? How is one woman's word any less credible than another's?

  • [REQUEST] Human Language Learning apps
  • +1 for anki. I struggled for years to find anything decent for Swahili and there is more content for Swahili than I got out of Duolingo. One thing I didn't know about anki until i tried it because I didn't see anyone mention it, the flashcards can include pictures/videos/audio.

  • I make considerable ammounts of progress on Bussu learning Beginner's Spanish, but the final test is locked by a paywall.
  • Your UI looks like you're using iOS. In the app store, at the bottom of the page for each app is a list of items available for purchase in the app. You can look at that list before even deciding to download anything. Sometimes the listing's are vague and just say something like "membership". In that case, for a language learning app, you can assume it is to unlock "certificates".

  • Free Palworld update pushes Steam players up by 800%
  • Because it shows many people are playing it. That in itself may be of interest to people who are considering purchasing the game. Also it let's the devs know there is a market potentially interested in DLC or sequels. If the news was that player counts dropped to a very small number, neither of those things are likely to happen