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V Rising - Launch Trailer
  • Battlerite in it self was a second attempt by SLS, first was Bloodline Champions. Battlerite took what BLC was and made it super polished, I loved the gameplay, it was truly all skill, had a very WoW arena feel to it.

    But it just seems that this is not a formT that people are into. On the one hand I get it, it is kind of sweaty, OTOH, the matches were super short.

    Other notable examples of short burst fun competitive games, that just missed the mark for the general public: OmegaStrikers (basically as dead, still not quite there) and SpeedRunners (still a good pickup for playing with friends, if you strictly play together and don’t practice outside of your group, endless fun).

  • Vanguard just went live and LoL players are already claiming it's bricking their PCs
  • I mean, ive played some dota in the past, i have about 200h on it, not nearly as much as league tho. But IME, especially for solo, league is just nicer overall. The mechanics for champions seem a lot more polished these days, and it is a lot more action focused, you have to worry about macro much less. The games are also like 50% shorter in league. As a solo player I find league to be a lot more laid back, where I can just play the champ more than play the game, if that makes sense.

    To each their own of course, Im not saying one game is better than the other, but it is a hard sell to transition league to dota.

  • V Rising - Launch Trailer
  • The game leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Stunlock fucked over their playerbase with Battlerite, shifted dev focus onto a Battle Royale, which was supposed to be a gamemode, made a standalone game, fractured the community, then took what they had so far and rehashed it for a yet another new game.

  • What did you get into as it was dying or otherwise on its way out?
  • Battlerite and OmegaStrikers

    Kind of like that, I got into them as they were thriving, since it was on beta/release, but they died very quickly afterwards and it is a shame because nothing captures that feel for me, I like short burst competitive games like that, but I guess people generally aren’t into stuff like that.

    E: And actually one more like that, the goatest of them all tbh, just been so long that i forgot about it, but this is one that is an awesome idea for anyone looking for some fun friend group comp game:


    This last one is a damn shame, because there really is nothing like it.

  • It's getting hot in here
  • The reason you experience the chills when you spike a fever is the brain sets the desired temperature higher and as a result you perceive cold at your current body temperature. And also why you feel like you are in a sauna when your fever breaks, because the inverse is true.

    To be clear this set point does mean induction of peripheral actions to actually elevate the temperature, but the central component of this symphony is the hypothalamus.

    There is a lot of uncertainty around fever signaling, here is a great summary of what we know.

  • If You Hate Density, Maybe Don’t Live in A City (Oh the Urbanity!)
  • I hear you, access is great, I take my kids to daycare via a 10 min walk and then take the trolley for 15 mins to work. I have a large store right next to my house. Theres 2 awesome parks within 2 stops. I would trade it all for a yard and a minivan if that wasn’t so expensive by comparison (probably close to double, at least, what i pay for rent and utilities atm).

    As for the kids, I think they’d be off okay at baseline, since between the 3 of them theres only a 1.5 year gap. At the point when I will look for the place, I will also only work 8-10 days a week, so I can dedicate plenty of time for their needs.

  • If You Hate Density, Maybe Don’t Live in A City (Oh the Urbanity!)
  • I have 3 boys, they have a 1.5 year difference, so I think they won’t be lonely, getting involved is also less problematic since I will only need to work 8-10 days a month at that point. To be clear i am not thinking about middle of nowhere, but like a couple stops from the city.

    Access is nice, 10 minutes to kindergarten on foot, 15 to work by trolley, store literally next door, two awesome parks two stops from us. But I would trade it all away for a yard and a minivan if that wasn’t substantially more expensive.

  • If You Hate Density, Maybe Don’t Live in A City (Oh the Urbanity!)
  • Valid point. That said I have 3 boys, oldest is four and followed by twins who are one and a half younger, think they wont be lonely, but socialising outside of that will of course be cumbersome. My job means around 20 days off a month, so chauffeuring is also less problematic.

  • If You Hate Density, Maybe Don’t Live in A City (Oh the Urbanity!)
  • Its not misanthropic to want privacy and to be able to do whatever the fuck i want on my property without worrying about the neighbours. Sunbathe naked? Sure. Come home from a shift, wanna blast some music at 7:00 to unwind? Sure. All night party? No prob. Orgy by the pond? Why not.

    On top of that, I don’t know many people below 50 who have a relationship with their neighbours that is more involved than exchanging pleasantries in the elevator. I don’t doubt that some do, but generally that seems the exception these days.