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8-hour rule
  • I hate ads and refuse to watch them. Now that prime has ads it'll show commercials and ads based on my search history. Was watching tv on freevee (Amazon owned) last night and it started showing me commercials for an air compressor supply company, all because ive been look to buy a new manifold for mine. A very niche ad that I doubt many people are shown. It just gave me big ick and I turned the TV off. Furthermore I never searched for compressor parts on Amazon, only Google so yeah wtf

  • A 12-year-old girl is accused of smothering her 8-year-old cousin over an iPhone
  • She's about to spend a ton of time in the system either way. Whether that be juvi or somewhere else. This kid will not reemerge a rehabilitated individual. In the system you simply learn to be a better criminal, rehabilitation is myth