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The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • If your not voting, voting 3rd party, or voting for Trump ....any of those is a vote for Trump in America's presidential election.

    Also your name is maggoty so...

    And let's not get distracted from the main point by straw manning here. Your argument is ridiculous.

  • Don't make us do it again. We will if we have to, but hardtack really fucking sucks.
  • This is interesting to me. highways are important. But railroads? Holy shit modern rail moves a fuck ton of weight.

    The comparison is not apples to apples because highways offer dynamic response that railways cannot. The trucks and trailers need diesel and a driver, and then they can go anywhere without the enemy truly knowing the route, but the trade off is the volume of stuff they can move is greatly reduced.

    Modern freight trains can move thoroughly ridiculous amounts of supplies at one time. The trade off is slow speeds and predictable routing.

    Tbh...I think railroads are still the most important. If you only have 1 strike, railroads are the answer because you reduce logistical capacity the most there.

  • i loled
  • This is....not entirely accurate. 200 yards is WELL within 556x45's effective range. Like by a lot. At that range your bullet isn't even dropping more than 4 inches.

    It's not that it's a super easy shot for a novice, but saying that it's remarkable that he even hit him because of the range is crazy.

    It's remarkable because of the stress and lack of training.

  • Ocasio-Cortez Loses the Democratic Socialists’ Endorsement Over Israel
  • Literally, yes.

    The problem is people are too fucking stupid to understand that they are flirting with forever losing the ability to improve society in the United States because they want to be obtuse and claim some moral high ground over Israel.

    All while allowing violence against women, minorities, and lgbtq domestically by helping trump win. It's so hypocritical.

  • Ocasio-Cortez Loses the Democratic Socialists’ Endorsement Over Israel
  • It's insane.

    I truly regret voting 3rd party in 2016. I thought I was really doing something by "punishing" the DNC for conspiring against Bernie.

    I have some empathy in that sense, but the difference is that I truly didn't think it would be as bad as it was. That's the only defense I have for my vote then. That ignorance is gone. We all know exactly what will happen because w have 4 years of data and that's the BEST case. Selling state secrets, gutting crucial organizations like the EPA, tax cuts for wealthy corporate friends, extorting Ukraine for dirt on Biden, packing the supreme Court with justices literally unfit to sit on the bench....and on and on.

    That's the BEST CASE.

    then read project 2025 and find out just how serious and insane the people who are trying to run the show for him this time actually are.....Jesus.

  • Ocasio-Cortez Loses the Democratic Socialists’ Endorsement Over Israel
  • Look I truly hate that this is the situation we are in, but, If you want to have an absolutist point of view about Israel then your carbon footprint better be negative. Like home steader, grow your own food, no kids, no car, hunt for meat, no online shopping, etc.

    Because if not, youre indirectly but actively contributing to the suffering of millions of innocent and exploited people in underdeveloped nations. Not to mention millions of animals and plants.

    Innocent people will suffer famine, drought, and natural disasters. They will die by the hundreds of thousands in the coming decades. These victims will be people who did not participate in the modern consumerist economy by buying products from companies who actively deceive the public, practice regulatory capture, as well as bribing and corruption scandals all in the name of short term shareholder gains.

    It's Absolutely hypocritical to condemn people who want to prevent a second trump term and thus recognize a need to vote for an imperfect Biden when there's no way you meet the threshold required to have clean hands in regards to the climate crisis.

    The gut instinct is to say "well what can I possibly do about climate change" and that's exactly my point. All you can do is limit the impact.

    You can't reconcile excusing yourself from your part in climate change, however minor it may be, if you're trying to uphold such a strict standard against Biden and Biden voters. why? because you already know the consequences if Biden fails to retain the presidency. You know what trump victory means for minorities, lgbtq, the climate, etc. and with project 2025 it likely will be way worse this time.

    You don't get to look back and say you weren't at fault if Trump wins because your ballot didn't say trump. You know a vote for 3rd party or a no vote is a vote for Trump in the current system. That makes you complicit if he wins. Believe me, I went through that in 2016. I regret it.

    This is an extreme metaphor to help you see that sometimes you have to acknowledge that terrible things are happening but limiting the damage might be all you can do.

    You can vote for Biden in November and still criticize him and Democrats the entire time. That's not being a hypocrite.

    Letting trump win and pretending you didn't contribute to all the additional damage that follows is.