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Nuclear isn't perfect, but it is the best we have right now.
  • Exactly this. I am "in favor" of nuclear energy, but only in the sense that I'd like fossil power to be phased out first, then nuclear. Any money that could be spent on new nuclear power plants is better spent on solar and wind.

  • wow. sensible
  • We do optimize, it's just that when you decrease the energy for computations by half, you just do twice the computations to iterate faster instead of using half the energy.

  • ich📠iel
  • Ich denke, dass das eine ??? Idee ist.

    Soweit konnte ich das entziffern, aber auf das letzte Wort kommt ich nicht. Ich vermute 'sch' am Anfang, weil mit kein anderer Weg für vier aufeinander folgende Vokale einfällt, richtig?

  • Femboy mater(ule)ial
  • I understand the sentiment of not wanting to pay much money for clothes you don't wear much, but SHEIN is an especially bad fast fashion brand with horrible working conditions and sometimes even toxic chemicals in the clothing. Just google SHEIN toxic, you'll find several sources

  • Electrons
  • Come on this is not complicated. To imagine electron spin, think of a ball that is rotating. The election is the ball, except it's not really a ball, and it's not rotating either.

  • Kommentar zum OVG-Urteil: Ein Verbot der AfD ist überfällig
  • Deshalb:

    Wenn man in einem toleranten Staat Akteure zulässt, die die Toleranz einschränken oder ganz abschaffen wollen, und auch genug Einfluss haben Änderungen in diese Richtung durchzusetzen, hat man bald keinen toleranten Staat mehr.

  • I'm about to blow
  • When I need to cough, I pretty much always need to cough three times. I think I was in my twenties when I learned this is not the case for everyone, and some people just cough once and are done. Once!!!!

  • cowabunga
  • Ah my bad, I did not see the comment had a picture attached. There's probably a mathematical way to derive the shape of the euthanasia coaster as well, but I don't know.